As an Australian let me just say: either ban all Australians or change the tickrate to 1000ms. Either way, the current situation is not working as it is.


@sandyiru5 said in As an Australian let me just say: either ban all Australians or change the tickrate to 1000ms. Either way, the current situation is not working as it is.:

1000ms tick rate is the only solution. It will also make very little difference to the game, no matter what people want to gripe about. If it was set to 1000ms the vast majority of players wouldn't even notice. In fact, they would be so much happier that half of the games started don't end up being re'd because of lags.

An even better solution would be to have an adjustable tick rate. Manually or dynamically. Pipe dream probably.

The issue is simply this:
any aussie can easily play with any regular player from anywhere in the world.
when a player from somewhere else in the world has a shitty connection (spotty wifi, copper cable with rust / errors, etc) they experience dropped packets. These dropped packets are intermittent. This means that they might have 100ms ping 90% of the time, and 400ms ping 10% of the time. When you combine 400ms intermittent ping with 400ms australian ping = intermittent 800ms ping spikes and a herky-jerky gameplay that drives everyone nuts.

The truth is that 1000ms ping would remove 99% of intermittent ping packet loss issues and would effectively solve the problem of australian players "ruining" games.

The truth is that australians are not actually the problem. The problem is packet loss from russian players with shitty wifi / copper cable quality. BUT this problem only becomes apparent when an aussie joins a game. So is the russians fault or the aussies fault? Both?

It's the fault of the game for having a tick rate that is JUST A BIT too low to be workable. Even a 700ms tick rate would fix 80% of the ruined games.

As an Australian player with 2000 games I know what I'm talking about.

Just because some of you guys don't experience this issue because you play when the other half of the world is asleep doesn't mean it isn't a massive problem for a lot of players.

And Lu7ky - I have literally the most expensive highest quality cable consumer internet connection available in australia with the most expensive ISP. 100mbps/40mbps, 15ms ping to the exchange (I live right near it), 0% packet loss, no jitter.

Just in case you guys don't realise how bad this issue has gotten - from my logs I've been kicked from 70% of every single game I've joined. WITHOUT showing a high ping. Simply because of my australian flag. I've even learned how to read "kick australian" in russian. (it looks like "KIKIKIKI ABCLKJV") And I actually don't cause lag in the majority of games I play. The problem is a major one. So either ban all aussies or fix the problem. Because it's a toxic nightmare for an entire country at the moment.

1000ms will break the game for many players. Ui is already slow and unresponsive compared to many other games, not to say that it gets worse the worse connection is. So saying that nobody will see the change is blatant lie, if anything the game will feel like it's permanently lagging and apparently that's what you are trying to fight...

Y-yeah sure. Adjustable tickrate, code it please?

So the problem is not the tick-rate but bad connection? Lul, who would have thought? So maybe instead get better connection or start a proper list of people you can play with? Cuz maybe it's problem with your connection if you are getting kicked all the time and many people are complaining that you have bad connection?

No the truth is that 1000ms delay makes the game unplayable, I'm sorry but fucking chess are gonna be more responsive that supcom, like the game is already fucking hard to play for people like me who are used to proper responsive gameplay instead of looking at the game trying to compute what command I just issued and then taking another few years to acknowledge it and perform...

Stop playing with ruskies then, go play your superior ANZ games with mirddes. He will surely appreciate it. Like If half the people have trouble with your connection then maybe it's time to acknowledge that it's on your side, not theirs or maybe that both are just as flawed?

Again, the game is already hard to play with it's sluggish response time, and you want to make it even fucking worse? Gl, not only is there no one to code it but also is it one of the most retarded takes I have heard in long time. I rather play Psions balance mod than play with additional 1000ms delay....

2000 games? I kinda have no clue what does it mean and how does it make you a guru in this topic? It just makes you a long time faf addict kappa.

Yeah sorry for not experiencing your problem, never played with you but had good games with other aussies. So pardon me for saying it but according to my empirical data it is you who are the problem, deal with it.

How nice of you to have such great connection.You sure it is so great? OR did you make mistake when writing down the numbers for upload and download cuz that's the numbers for the cheapest connection that I could get, and I pay 12e for that šŸ˜ž
Anyway this tells us nothing at all, so what that you have good connection to aussies if the connection might be getting fucked somewhere along the way, but I guess you didn't try any proxies or anything to check this out right?

So far the toxic nightmare is reading your way on how to fix your problems. Even when the fix is to literally "MAKE YOUR FUCKING OWN LOBBIES INSTEAD OF JOINING RUSSIAN ASTRO GAMES"....


justice sorry but not only is everything you said wrong, but you're rude and contribute nothing to the conversation.


There is no conversation if you already proclaim to have found the only acceptable solutions.

Host your own games
Run your own Australian FAF
Play a different game
Move into a different country

We will not reduce the user experience for all users just because a minority of users with bad connection demands it.

We improved the connectivity by hosting a coturn server in Australia. We got a lot of positive feedback that this improved the situation for them.

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