Hutt's Clutch (adaptive)

I made this map and iterated on it a while back. At this point in time I don't feel like polishing it further without receiving some better gameplay feedback and have moved on to other projects.

Having said that I'm still very much interested in receiving feedback and watching any replays with some commentary on it as I plan to come back and iterate on it to improve and fix bugs, so please feel free to discuss on the thread.

Initial Concept

  • Base Idea: Create and "Inverted Seton's Clutch" where there is a sea instead of a landbridge and two large land masses instead of the lakes.

  • Work with elevation to create pathways that connect the two "back bases"

  • Have a hidden, air-only accessible "valley" with rich resources and mexes

  • Attempt to create a team structure of air/tech players in the back with navel/land players sharing the frontlines

The map features some snowy capped mountains and peaks around a huge valley with a large lake in the center.


You can find it in the FaF client if you search for HuttsClutch, there is an adaptive version for up to 16 players and a 4v4 version as well.

Thanks and enjoy.

A few screenshots of the Alpha (current) version

alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

alt text