Is there a mex upgrade manager anywhere?

like something that will upgrade a mex when mass maxes out and pause it when its dry like how autofabs work?

I hate all this microbabysitting and the timed upgrade mod feels like cheating because no cost.

If you want to have less micromanaging, what you can do is change your gameplay settings so that when you select and engineer and right-click a mex, it will automatically queue an upgrade on the mex and pause it. Then when the engineer has moved to the mex, it will unpause the mex upgrade and assist the upgrade. You can queue a whole series of mexes in this way, and your engineers will happily move from mex to mex to upgrade them sequentially without your further attention.

Same thing for ringing mexes afterwards. Add more engineers to the group to adjust the speed at which the mexes get completed.

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@innomen there is an app called eco manager that some people like but I do not recommend it at all. I used it for a while When I first transitioned from playing Astro and GAP to custom map gen only to realize it teaches you bad habits and you're not learning how to play the game properly. It gives a false sense of where your economy is at and keeps you stuck at a certain skill level.... at least it did for me and only after I got rid of it did I actually start to rank up past the 1.2k Mark. Using the solution that index provided is the way to go.

@indexlibrorum What setting is that?

@innomen They're in the in-game Options > Gameplay > Commands > multiple Assist settings.

You can do similar with 4z0T's UI Mod Tools & Eco UI Tools for T2 > T3

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