banani vs Bullydozer BO21


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Welcome to the showmatch between Lunyshko and Bullydozer. Both are high rated ladder players trying to revive the competitive 1v1 scene.

Thanks to @Zebranog

If you want to play
If you are 2k and intrested in participating, we will add additional funds for future BO21 with bully or banani or anyone of your caliber, as well as providing player cards base that will be updated as far as these events go on, for details contact banani anywhere,

Stream coverage:
Russian based:
@Robogear -
English based:

First day - 15th June
Second day - 16th June

Map pool:
Both players will provide 20 maps and veto until there are only 21 maps left, first to veto is decided by !roll

Жэка - donaated $100

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

momentary seclusion.

The embodiment of depression...

poor bolly

bully wins these.

The embodiment of depression...

no way

Cool! Hope to see a lot of good games!

Sorry for my English. I use translator


We hereby like to announce bullys disqualification from the tournament due to him having renamed and this will confuse the viewers too much.

calling it now it's gonna be 9-7 to banani after a 5 game winstreak comeback before unforseen faf network issues end the tournament early and everyone goes home salty

@captainklutz said in banani vs Bullydozer BO21:

calling it now it's gonna be 9-7 to banani after a 5 game winstreak comeback before unforseen faf network issues end the tournament early and everyone goes home salty

could you not leak the script please?

bullydozer still playing? i have not seen that name for feels like 5 years
so he is probably rusty and will at most win 2 games

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@theweakie Guess the tourney is with his next rename, so in one year

@nuggets Dates are already decided

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"


We'll be playing 1pm GMT+2 on both days ! if (when) the series isn't finished by then we'll look for other days we can play on

I was a top 10 early faf days but after being gone for a while the system dropped my rating to 1300 for some reason and i have serious trouble finding games. also by looking at how the ladder works higher ranks play more games but lose to people regularly below them. I love faf so much now that i have my life back, i just wish there was some way to revive it. maybe an advertisement targeted to people who google adderal and speed chess?(maybe i meant gpg days, my memory sucks a fat one, i dont really know the difference)

@zlo you didn't see it because he plays with other nicknames - Thanks to Zebra

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

We've gone through the map picking and vetoing process, here's a list of the maps we picked and vetoed.

This gives us the final mappool consisting of:
desert arena faf ver
fields of thunder v2
Lake Arokh

vya-3 protectorate
arctic refuge
daroza sanctuary 0 mex challenge
farce in tha forest
twin rivers
fields of isis
forgotten facilities 10x10 v11
backtrack crazyrush
Adaptive Fields Of Great Phoenix 9 10 spots
HardFFA12 (10km) with hardffa mod, but you have to ctrl k t2 transport after dropping acu

bermuda locket
gateway and roses
crossfire canal
dualgap adaptive v14

the order in which we play maps will be picked randomly as we go