Been a (long) while since i last modeled anything...

And to be honest, the information I've found or rather haven't found, has been very disappointing. Last time I created anything, I used 3DMax with SCMTOOL, yet now days nothing supports our .SCM based models.

What are folks using now (successfully)?

Thanks you in advance for your time and consideration!


Hi, you mean units. I use Blender 2.8.

@saver and how are you exporting to .SCD and what about animations?

You need this Blender Plugin to Export your Models into .scm
Animations can be exported into .sca with this Plugin as Well:

@resin_smoker There are importer/exporters for Blender 2.79/2.80 & 3.0 available in the FAF Discord. I'd suggest that you go to FAF Discord > Channels & Roles > Customize, then scroll down to the section "Are you interested in resources for creating maps and mods?", then click on Mods to give yourself the Modder role which will open the #🔧modding-general channel for you to ask questions like this. Doing so will also open the #🔧modification-resources channel where the links for the Blender importer/exporters are (not to mention plenty of other resources).

Will dive into all of this next week as I am polishing off the 4DC conversion of the UEF units for compatibility with FAF. Will try to release it in a few days.

This post is deleted!

Tried to DL the blender files and it appears that its only offering version 4.0. Will the Plugin work with this or does it only reach V2.8?

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@roweynoob Down loading!

Tomorrow will be a difficult day of having to relearn blender.

@cdrmv The link for the SCMTOOL doesn't show a function to allow for download. (Yes I'm logged in)

Edit: NM, I found it... they changed a few things since last i used any of this.