Galactic Colossus unit thrower V0.6 (2014)

See attached ZIP.

If you haven't already guessed, this mod is not going to be compatible with the current iteration of FAF. My posting here is for those that wanted to know how it was done, and thus have my permission to use what's posted here as they see fit without my support.



awesome. Thanx man. Disregard my PM then 🙂

(i mean, you can still write, like for Christmass and such... if you want...)

I love that 👍 , it looks amazing. Maybe we'll implement that into FAForever

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

These videos remind me of the behavior of the Loyalist, where it can now reliably send back tactical missiles. We extended that to the Cybran cruiser and aircraft carrier too.

Edit: woops, I tried to respond to the projectile bounce topic 😄

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Looks much cooler than just holding the unit

Hello Resin, long time no see ! Glad you are still around. Loved your mod back in the day with Domino. Greatly appreciated the inventiveness of 4DC and DMS (holograms, shields, gc unit thrower, phasing, antistun etc...) . Still play with most of it in my homebrew compilation mod. Thank you for years of great gaming and happy to see you back.

@jip Loyalist works a bit differently. In that not only does it re-target the missiles original firing unit, but it also names the Loyalist as the projectiles new owner. Thus allowing the Loyalist to earn experience from the hijacked missles kills.