I am in the wrong?

Something along the lines of Reddits AITA(am i the asshole)

Ill keep it simple, 1k+ rated game with a range of players from 2k downwards.

I am air right at the back Opti start(Map gen), my teammate next to me an 1800 takes 2 mexs belonging to my slot he does not even need them as he has enough so its not like he was short. his left me with 7 and him with 12-15.

I ask him to give them up i say they are mine, his response he doesn't trust me thinks ill lose air so he's keeping them.

I think screw that i didn't wait 10 minutes in the lobby the take a handicap just so he can have more mexs, so i reclaim and rebuild them for myself. He pauses the game and starts to cry about how a I'm stealing them and then quits the game causing everyone to quit and says I should be reported.

In my opinion this is rubbish, if he didn't want to play with a 1300(Me) he shouldn't have joined or the host should have set the bar higher.

So AITA here or was he out of line?


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So the guy steals your mexes, refuses to give them back, whines when you take them, and ultimately leaves for no reason, and you are wondering if YOU did anything wrong?

Are you ok?

You should report him instead and/or foe him so you don't have to deal with this rubbish again.

From your story it sounds like he was the one being a dick, but from a moderation perspective both of would be on the hook.

"Stealing" mexes is not against the rules. All mexes on all maps are first come first served. Reclaiming mexes, as with all friendly units and structures, is against the rules, so you'd be the one breaking the rules there.

Pausing the game and rage quitting is against the rules as well, although it has to be a pattern for us to get involved. We can't force someone to continue playing a game they don't want to and the occasional rage quit happens to most people.

Can't comment on the whining he did because I haven't read the chat log but obviously there are many things you could say in chat to get in trouble.

@lordfoul13 I have been through this a few times as I have gone from 1k to 1.4k back down to 1.2k and I truly believe the best option is to get better and take your mex faster. Send out those early engines(not actually early just seem early compared to what a higher rank player can do) and if for some reason an 1800 takes "your mex" then don't let it get in your head and eco hard(er) It's annoying yes but trust me you'll enjoy the game more. I view it as a challenge being the lower rank player in the game because I typically only play 1200+ games where there are typically many 1800r to 2000r players. I learned for myself that it was a skill issue on my part and it taught me to change my build order so that I could get those engineers out to those mex on time and take what is mine. I can almost guarantee that if you got to "your mex" first then he wouldn't have taken them.

Also I like to view team games as making sure that your team gets the mex...so long as the enemy doesn't have them then you are on the right path. Think about the effect of that 1800 having more mex than his opponent and possibly gaining an advantage that will help the team win. If that 1800 is able to crush his mirror which is likely a 1700 to 2000 ranked player then your team is much better off in most cases than if you had them.

I play air a lot and sometimes I find if I have fewer mex closer together I can get my eco up faster than if I had more mex that are spread out... Another skill issue I'm working through now.

me rushing 1st air fac 6 engies transport from senton beach to drop my air player mexes (this is legal and not throwing)

It's perfectly ok to ask for the mexes. If he won't give them, let him have them, scout your air counterpart, point out to your team that air will be an issue due to this and they should make AA. Also, try to steal the taker's reclaim and faraway mexes with transports and engies for extra laughs.

More mexes = more responsability, so make fun of the taker for not carrying when he fails to do so, without crossing the line of course.

Dude is a noob and someone you don't want to play with acting like that. Just inform him if he's not going to be a team player you won't be either.


@ftxcommando said in I am in the wrong?:

me rushing 1st air fac 6 engies transport from senton beach to drop my air player mexes (this is legal and not throwing)

The faster a team secures their mexes, the better. Is there a problem?