ACU not following attack orders

Hi, I'm very new and I'm playing my first match against the easy ai. I have my ACU in it's base and I'm giving it attack orders to attack the enemy power generators, but it keeps running away and targeting the enemy commander. Can someone explain why it's doing that?

Provide replay ID #

And it is helpful if you can provide an approximate time of when this happens so we can fast forward through the replay

@arma473 It didn't save the first replay for some reason, but I did a second game to try and replicate the issue and it happened the same as the first game. The second replay is and you can skip to about 3 minutes. I order the ACU to attack the power generators by right clicking the first one then shift right clicking the rest. When you press shift in the replay you can't see those orders but if you hover over the ACU it says it is attacking, even though it's just walking in a circle over and over not firing at anything. It seems to be moving toward the power generators until it's in range of the enemy commander, then it runs away.

Kinda lazy to watch the replay, but are you using any mods? I noticed this behavior in games that have ACU's walking speed increased.

@fichom No, just UI mods

Hmmm, in that case, worth a watch (by someone, not me, I'm off to bed, gl with that one). for those who are to lazy to watch replay.

i personally have no idea

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Could it be the effect of a certain fighting stance? Something other than "ground fire"?

It looks like some kind of pathfinding issue, the way he keeps moving out of the way of something

If I was in the game, I would have given the ACU a move order to try to move it to where I wanted it to go, I wonder if that intervention would have fixed things

@arma473 A little longer into the replay I did that and once it was in range of the power generators the attack order worked, but when I moved it back out of range to a different spot and gave the order it still walked in circles. But first it retreated out of range of the enemy commander, so I think it has something to do with that. Both times it walked in circles was on the edge of the range of the enemy commander.