Matchmaker Team Openings


So for a while my criteria for ladder (now the matchmaker) team members were twofold

  1. They needed to have a level of expertise/analysis I could trust to hold in discussions.

  2. They should be active enough to participate in curation/discussions.

However I now realize this is basically a pipe dream and that, even though these people exist on FAF, they mostly have other projects that soak up their time. So instead I’m breaking up the responsibilities to see if I can get better input this way.

Matchmaker Head

I’m going to have a single person ultimately responsible for maintaining the ladder pool. As queues get added onto FAF, it’s inevitable that I’m going to be required to delegate responsibilities to queues to separate individuals if I want to maintain any sanity. As I’m far more confident in my knowledge of teamgame maps than ladder maps, I figure I might as well as delegate the 1v1 queue to someone else now.

This person is going to be responsible for essentially controlling/curating their 1v1 team with me and doing most of the general maintenance duties I do with ladder pools. Mainly making them ahead of time, getting people to make comments on the pools, making sure a good variety of maps are in the pool, making sure some new maps are in it as well. All that stuff. You will also have to inform Brutus about each pool change at the start of the month.

I want this person to be someone that can be reliable so I do not need to fill in for their job every 2nd month. I also want this person to be at least 1800+ in ladder while also being able to work within the limits of the system I set in place for ladder. This is not a position for you to become 1v1 Dictator.

Matchmaker Team Member
The primary criteria here are players that are interested in making the matchmaker (whether 1v1 or 2v2 or other modes) as good as possible for every rating bracket. I do not expect you to be the greatest player in the world, but you still need to show some basic competency at the game in order to showcase you understand why things work. You should be at least 1500+ in either ladder or 1700+ in global for me to consider you for either the 1v1 or 2v2 team. I also expect you to be somewhat active on ladder (you don’t need to be addicted) for the 1v1 team and expect you to be active in your duties as a member of the team.

You will be responsible for collecting maps from the vault and organizing it into the matchmaker rating sheets. You will also rate these maps and in turn help create and discuss map pools as respective Matchmaker Heads make them from the data you collect.

If you’re interested, please join the Mapping Discord:

and contact me in PM on Discord about joining the team.