The lextoc tournament #1 - Syrtis Major

The highest rated (1v1) players signing up will receive the spots for this tournament, with a total of 8 spots.
In case of close rating lextoc will decide (maybe with a dice roll) who gets the spot.

The tournament consists out of best of ones, meaning that if you lose, you're out.
The games are meant to be played ASAP, with one week per game deadline, so the tournament can span over 3 weeks.

Winner posts replay here. If parties don't seem to agree on a date or there's a desync or whatever, contact lextoc via forum here or FAF.

All rounds are played for this edition on Syrtis Major
Reward: 50EUR

Signups are posted here and are closed on the 10th of this month, tournament starts the 12th.

signing up 2106 ladder

frick snoops!

Signing up 1890


signing up 2200 god

The embodiment of depression...

signing up 2100

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Might want to ask for a discord channel for the tournament if it's going to be across an interval of time like this

signing up 2029 ladder rating

TA4Life: "At the very least we are not slaves to the UI" | |

And so the tournament begins! (Monday is said start date but feel free to play during this weekend)

StormLantern vs waffelzNoob
ZLO vs BalanceSlave

Lunyshko waits

GL & HF!

@lextoc is this the lextoc?

@aulex is this THE waulex?

@lextoc =(

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

dude i wish i could wait, what is this sacred privilege

frick snoops!

Round 1: waffelzNoob vs StormLantern

frick snoops!

@ZLO @BalanceSlave go and play

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Sincerely sorry for not showing up... i had 2 other tourneys at that time (only one of them was FAF but still)

we need tourney calendar xD

TA4Life: "At the very least we are not slaves to the UI" | |

No worries, balance slave vs lunyshko then!

@BalanceSlave when are you available

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Any progress on this? Please let me know if you wish to resign

@lextoc The last time someone hosted a tourney where the players had to set the date, it literally took over a year to finish it :imfine:
So you better set a deadline or you'll literally have to wait for a couple of months for each round


he did say a week for each match. since the players have not managed to play their match within said week, i would like to claim the #1 prize.

frick snoops!