Game Crash


so my game keeps crashing here is the crash log, ive restarted, verified, nothing seems to help


@frabilll You have a sound bug which you can tell by the SND/XACT warnings. You should go to Windows key > type: Control Panel > Open > Sound > Playback > select the Device you use > Configure to ensure that your sound device is set to Stereo then look in Properties to make sure that all Enhancements & Spatial Sound are Off. After you've verified those settings, usually a simple Restart or Shift+Shutdown (not just Shutdown) of your PC will resolve the sound issue.

If your headphones come with any applet/program, then you may want to disable that & try using the headphones without it. Similarly, if they use a USB or Bluetooth dongle to connect to the PC, see if you can connect directly without the dongle.

If that doesn't work, then you can have a look at this thread for further troubleshooting:

i did the sound thing with my headset, i disabled the sound via number 2 and a few other things, but it still crashed, i edited the original message with the new log