Legend Of the Stars 2023 Qualifier

Qualifier - 25th November 2023:

This is a 1v1 Double Elimination bracket with BO3 games in the winners bracket and BO1 games in the losers bracket. The bracket will be seeded based on ladder rating.

This tournament is only open to players currently placed in 1v1 Masters, Grandmasters, and/or those with 1500+ ladder rating.

There is no maximum number of players. The number of BO1s vs BO3s in the winners bracket will be adjusted to ensure a timely tournament.


Date: November 25th
Start Time: 14:00 UTC
Chat: /join #Qualy
Challonge: https://challonge.com/2lpvxtu7
Tournament Directors: NOC-
Stream: twitch.tv/faflive
Link: ----

The top 8 players of this tournament will fill 8 slots in the LOTS 2023 player list.

Lunyshko - 2105
Blast_Chilled - 2062
TheWreck - 2000
Praetors- - 1997
Riot - 1930
Trandan - 1927
Robogear - 1927
StormLantern - 1911
Unknow - 1830
Altf4 - 1814
SilentNoob - 1800
FFF - 1759
Paradox - 1586

Map Pool:
Crimson Feud
Theta Passage - FAF Version
Crag Dunes
7.5x7.5 Mapgen - Tournament - 2 Spawns

Vulcan's Reach
10x10 Mapgen - Tournament - 2 Spawns
Syrtis Major - FAF Version
Forbidden Pass - FAF Version
TAG craftious
Twin Rivers
Daroza's Sanctuary
15x15 Mapgen - Tournament - 2 Spawns

20x20 Mapgen - Tournament - 2 Spawns
Crossfire Canal - FAF Version
Point of Reach V4

Each Bracket will have preselected maps for each round to be release on the day

Ras Boi's save lives.

no ovenman in the lots :(((( too low rating

sign up 1930

signing up 2073

profile picture credits to petric

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The top 8 players of this tournament will fill 8 slots in the LOTS 2023 player list.
pov the 5 players who are participating in the tournament
"why need 1500 ladder so unfair"

In past years it was 1800 ladder as this is considered the top level tournament for the year.

Ras Boi's save lives.

@freemanitsnothe i count 10, and its 2 weeks before the tournament starts, so more will join.

The lowest seed will end up playing the highest seed meaning you waste the high rated player's time playing some 500 if this tournament was open for everyone. just completely unnecessary

profile picture credits to petric


Lunyshko - 2105
Bully - 2073
Riot - 1930
Robogear - 1927
FFF - 1759

Have you tried looking at the 12 sign up posts?

when map pool be posted

When I make it probs 1 to 2 days before qualifier

Ras Boi's save lives.

sign me up 1997