crashed with exit code 1

Hi I've recently come back to FAF after 2 years, previously i experienced no problems but now anytime i try to play a game it freezes just short of the 5 minute mark, only allowing me to move the cursor. then closes down giving me the error message "crashed with exit code 1". Any advice on how to rectify this would be appreciated.

pls post the game log so others can have a look what may have caused the issue

game log is attached below. thanks


you seem to suffer from the sound bug
"warning: SND: Error playing cue 1 on bank 5 [music]
XACT: Invalid arg"

see here how to fix

so i've tried this but its now not letting me connect to servers.

@thewarpotato perhaps some security software blocking it?

sorted thanks for the help

@thewarpotato happy to hear. What was the issue excatly and how did you fix it?