Help game development by testing!


This post originates from the game section of the teams described on the wiki, the version on the wiki supersedes what is written here

We are constantly looking for people that can help us test the game to find unforeseen bugs or features during development. With this role you'll help the community by providing insights on, and guarding the quality of what we develop. You'll have access to the Discord channels that are usually read-only for the rest of the community. There you can share your thoughts on bugs or features and participate in discussions with the game developers.

What your profile is

  • You have a general interest in game development
  • You have an interest in understanding the magic behind the game and the development of a game

What you'll learn

What you can aspire towards to

  • How to debug the game and make sense of what happened when you encounter a bug
  • About development in general and may even start contributing yourself


Introduce yourself on official Discord server in the #dev-offtopic channel and we'll help you setup

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