Try to play ladder 1v1 but queue isnt changing

I haven't played faf for some time and now I'm trying to join ladder 1v1, but the number of people in queue isn't changing like before I join there were 0 people waiting and after I join too there are 0 people waiting
And I do not know what's the problem because it wasn't like this maybe it's some kind of New update I've missed or something

Are you pressing the big yellow button?

@blackyps I've heard more people being confused about that extra button. Wasn't immediatly clear for me the first time either. Shouldn't that button just be removed?

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Without that button people did not realize that you could multiqueue. I suspect that missing the new button is only a problem for people that are used to the old way.
When you open a fresh client installation all queues are selected already, so it is more obvious that you have to click the yellow button to start searching

Thank you
That buttom really confused me
Wasn't expecting it to work that way