Cancelled Mapgen 2v2 Tournament

Hello all and welcome to the 2v2 Mapgen Tournament

This is a 2v2 Double Elimination bracket with a mix of BO1 and BO3 games in the winners bracket and BO1 games in the losers bracket.

This tournament is open to all players. However you and your teammate must have a combined rating of over 2600.

Your rating for this tournament will be your global rating.

For example 2 players each with 1300 rating will be a combined 2600 rating and can sign up. Alternatively a 2000 rated could sign up with a 600 rated and still meet the requirements.

Any player who has a higher rating than 2200 global will be capped at 2200. For example if your global is 2537 you rating will be capped at 2200.

The maximum rating for your team combined is 4200.

When you sign up - include both of your current global ratings.

If I see teams deliberately dropping global rating for this tournament - mods will be notified.

There is no maximum number of players. The number of BO1s vs BO3s in the winners bracket will be adjusted to ensure a timely tournament.

All standard tournament rules apply.

Rules can be clarified by NoOneCares (NOC-) if needed.

There will be no faction veto's or map veto's.

Sign-ups will close Friday 9th June at 10pm Uk time.

Date: 10th June
Start Time: 15:00 GMT + 1 (14:00 UTC)
Chat: /join #mapgentourney
Tournament Directors: NoOneCares
Stream: Unknown at this time

Still to be determined.
Awaiting Intel from Swkoll.

Maps will be made up of a range of sizes. Between 10x10 to 20x20.

Map number of spawns will also vary depending on size.

Maps will likely be pre-generated and sent to a player on each team to host.

This is to avoid shit maps hopefully.

To signup leave a post below. Sign-up with your teammate not alone


Ras Boi's save lives.

Signing up with Yudi (2200)

1900-2000 global rank.

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?

Pls signup with teammate ty

Ras Boi's save lives.

Signing up as well.
Global = 2200
2v2 = 1934
Ill take anyone!

@edtjuh i can join you, 1400 global, 728 2v2

Sign up with farm since he is too socially anxious to post.

sign up Karateka (1480) + Evil-Emperor (1336)

sign me and Lunyshko up 2063 and 2471

Your over the rating limit
2063 + 2471 (2200) = 4263

Ras Boi's save lives.

@noc is this an issue with it being so close?


profile picture credits to petric

@vodalazz sure why not

@noc can you clarify the rules of the tourney for me?

Cancelling tourney due to lack of players

Ras Boi's save lives.


another tourney dub gg

1 player, 2 acus.

since the lower the ratings the more players, maybe we need to tilt rules favouring people a bit below 2kish point.