Playing Faf after a three quarters year. It feels unstable now


Hey Guys, i started playering again after a three quarters year and the game feels a bit unstable now.

  • Desyncs/connection lost are a lot more now between only 2 players.
  • Other Player dies ->I lose connection to the game and the game doest not reconnect.
  • It seems somehow that others also have problems with the reconnet

I don't know what the problem could be. The only thing that is different is that it happens to me in 3vs3. That mode didn't exist last time.

Am I alone with the feeling?

@Devs keep up the good work!

PS: The client is of course up to date 😄


There are recently some hiccups with the server, it is being worked on to resolve that.


Yeah it's just a recent wobble that faf has been having, it's been really stable for a long time now, please endure and enjoy things once the issues get sorted out 🙂