Defending against waves of enemy's (Coop)

Hi FAF forum members,

Years ago, Company of Heroes 1 had a mod (not quite sure what the name of the mod was), were you could team up with another player and play on the Normandy beach (if I remember correctly). In the beginning you would get some time to build up your defences after wich, the AI would send in waves of enemy's that would increase in numbers and stronger units as the waves progressed. In between the waves there would be a brief periode without any attacks where you would be able to reinforce and repair your defences.

The aim of the mission was to survive for as long as possible. The timings you achieved would be recorded on an online leaderboard. Obviously the team that would survive the longest would hold the number 1 position on the leaderboard.

Does FAF also have a mode that is simulair to what I've discribed above? So were you and a friend/another player try to survive for as long as possible facing increasingly more difficult waves of enemy's? 😀

Not quite sure if this is the right place on the forum for this question though....

There are several maps and mods that do what you're thinking of: the gamemode is called 'Survival'.
Check out the map RainMakers Survival, or perhaps Battle of Thermopylae Survival.

Also see this thread.

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