Commander Survival Kit (A new SIM Mod)

I checked out the mod and it seems super awesome and in-depth
Though, as awesome as it is... I do have a small concern.

It took a very long time to obtain points.
Even with adjustable time and the lowest timings available to start collecting points,
it took quite a while to get anything out of them.

I played with some buddies and we all agreed that it felt like we only got a point every 15 seconds or so.
We tried different things from destroying buildings and units to gathering reclaim and whatnot, but it was all the same.

Is there a guide or something?
We all looked around in the in-game UI and saw nothing of the sort on obtaining points faster.
Nothing on this post, here, either.

Are we missing something, here?
How do we obtain points faster?


~ Stryker

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Hey @comradestryker,
The Point Generation for both Managers is currently using a 1 Point per 3 Seconds System. That means with each 3 Seconds you will get 1 Point automatically transfered from your HQ. However I plan to expand the Point Generation with some new additional Options to get more Points and to adjust the Standard Rate directly:

4 new Lobby Options (2 for each Manager) where the Player is able to Set the Point Generation Interval and Rate for each of the two Managers directly. For example 3 Points per 3 Seconds or 2 points per 1 Second and so on.
I will Work on a New Patch now, which introduce this.

For these two following options:
I will need to find a way how to Link it with the two Managers to get it to work.
But I will looking into it.
A new Building for each Faction which is able to generate additional Points over the time.

An Point Buff Kill System:
That means if you kill several different amounts of Units you will get additional Points.

Of course any of these Options above are needing to be Balanced or Limited carefully. The Manager should be always used as an Assistent for the Player to Support his Armys or ACU with additional Units as Reinforcements and/or with additional Fire Support. That means the Managers are Not Designed for to replace the regular Base/Unit Building of the Game.

I'm always open for any Kind of Suggestions regarding to this or any other topic of this Mod.
So If you have any Ideas or wishes to the Options above or to other Elements/Content of the Mod feel free to share them. 😉

Hello everyone,

I have published a new Patch for the Commander Survival Kit on the FAF Modvault.

Version: 11

Lets see what is new:


New Lobby Options:
4 new Lobby Options has been added to the Mod.
2 for each Manager

With these your are now able to set the Interval and Rate for the Point Generation directly.


Avaiable Options are:

1 Second
2 Seconds
3 Seconds

1 Point
2 Points
3 Points

Standard values for both Managers are:
Rate: 1 Point
Interval: 3 Seconds

Keep in Mind:
I highly recommend if the Mod is played in Multyplayer/Survival Mode.
Each Player should use the same settings for Balancing Reasons and to make it fair for anyone.
So talk to the other players in advance about which settings you want to use for the match.

Mod Information Update:
The mod_info.lua and the Mod Description has been updated.
The Mod is now categorized as an Sim Mod.

About Loud:
The Second Loud Patch is still in Development.
It will fix the missing new Lobby Options in the Loud Lobby.
With the introduction of the 4 new Lobby Options for the Point Generation Rate and Interval.
The Point Generation itself doesn't work in Loud anymore.

The variables for the Wait time, Interval and Rate are getting an nil, because of the Missing new Lobby Options.
If all new Lobbyoptions are finally added to the Loud Lobby anything will work again.

Stay tuned for more Updates.

Best regards

Here are a few more new Model previews:

UEF Tech 2 Missile Gunship.
A lighter Version of the Tech 3 Missile Gunship located on Tech 2.

Needs a Name.


UEF Ekranoplan
A new type of Naval Vessel, which is fast and armed with Long Range Cluster Missiles.

Tech 3 or Experimental

Needs a Name.



Regarding to Loud:
The Issue with the Missing Lobby Options in Loud has been fixed.
The Fix will be included in the next upcoming Loud Update, which will be released today.
So you can check Out the new Lobby Options in Loud today.
Make Sure to Check the Loud Client for an Update until tomorrow.

A small Loud Patch of the Commander Survival Kit is still in Development, which will fix the uneven Prices for several Reinforcements and Fire Support Solutions in Loud.

Stay tuned for it.
Best regards


Thanks for the reply!
This helped a ton.
Looking forward to this and your future updates.

I'll also toss in a few other names if that's alright.
T2 Missile Gunship Name:

T3/Exp Navy Unit:
Aquarius Class
(Most, if not all UEF navy units have the "Class" name in it")

I believe this would best serve as an Exp unit as UEF tend to have standoff Experimentals.
Meaning long-range and fire from safety.
Take, for example, the Fatboy, or the Novax.
They can poke at the enemy from relative safety.

Well, this is all if you want to keep with the UEF theme, hahaha.
Your mod, your call.
Though if it's a T3 unit, would you add in a different Navy Exp later down the line?

~ Stryker

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Hello everyone,

I have published a new Patch for the Commander Survival Kit on the FAF Modvault

Version: 12

Lets see what is new:

Second Loud Compatibility Patch:



All new Lobby Options are working now in Loud.
If not make sure to update Loud in the Loud Client.
The Fix is included in the newest official Loud Patch.

Compared to Steam and FAF Loud has different Prices for some Fire Support and Reinforcements.
For some reason Loud changes the original Prices of these.
I have decide to keep the changed prices in Loud.
The changed Prices are now using whole Numbers instead of Numbers with an comma.

Mod Content Update:



2 new Lobby Options has been added to the Mod:
(1 for each Manager)



Maximal Tactical Points

Avaiable Options:
1300 Points
1600 Points
2000 Points
2300 Points
2600 Points
3000 Points

Maximal Reinforcement Points

Avaiable Options:
2500 Points
3000 Points
3500 Points
4000 Points
4500 Points
5000 Points

The Options can be expanded in the future with additional Values

With these you are now able to set the Maximum of collectable Points of both Managers directly.

Fire Support Manager:
Increase the Standard Maximum of collectable Tactical Points from 1200 to 1300

Air Strikes:
Decrease the Price of 15 Bombers from 1650 to 1200

Known Issues:


If you find something let me know.

Best regards

@cdrmv DragonFire for the first ???

No Problem 🙂
The Commander Survival Kit has its own Github Repository too.
So before i release a new Major Update for this Mod with the new the Content you can get the Developer Version as an Early Access. The next upcoming Major Version for the Commander Surival Kit is 2.0 and its Development will start now.
The Content for it will be added first with some Early Access Updates on Github from time to time. 😉
I will let you know here if a Early Access Update for 2.0 arrives.
So anyone can test the Content in Detail before the new Major Release arrives to the Public.
Stay tuned for it updates are coming soon.

These are really nice names and I will note them.
The Ekranoplan will keep follow the UEF Ttheme.
So they will have their main Focus on long range for their Weapons.

An Experimental Ekranoplan for the UEF is planned.
So the Tech 3 is not the only one, which will appear in the Mod.
New naval Units willl be added to the Mod as well.
Including new Experimentals.
Regarding to the Reinforcements Manager:
Naval Units will arrive as Reinforcements in the future as well.
But there are currently two things:

Naval Units should only spawned on the Water Layer
So i need to find a way to programm this.

The Appearence of Land Units for the Seraphim and Aeon can be used for their Naval Reinforcements as well. The Effect just needs to be larger to fit it more.
The UEF and Cybrans are a Problem at the Moment.
Should their Naval Units drop with an large Container or with an large Air Transport?


Dragonfire is a good name too but does the Cybrans have a similar Name for one of their Air Transports. Dragonfly as i remember correctly. So Maybe this name can be used for an new Cybran Aircraft.
New Cybran Aircraft will be revealed soon.

Reminds of galactic war reinforcements. That artillery and bomber support would be a great addition. Nice concept.

Callabe Artillery Barrages and Air Strikes are already included in the Mod.
You can call them with the Fire Support Manager next to of some other Fire Support Weapons.

@cdrmv said in Commander Survival Kit (A new SIM Mod):

Should their Naval Units drop with an large Container or with an large Air Transport?

Definitely via air transports!

~ Stryker

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You mentioned each player should agree and set their own point generation rate. Does that mean the host doesn't set it, and each player decides their own generation rate?

I mean their should to speak to each other in advance to have the Same Settings of the Point Generation If they want to Play together in a Multiplayer or Survival Mode Game with this Mod. Just to make it Balanced and fair for each player in this Case. Each Player is able to Set their own Settings of the Point Generation of course but in an Multiplayer or in the Survival Mode Game. I think this could make it unbalanced If anyone use different Settings regarding to this. But this can be tested of course maybe I'm wrong with this theory.

FAF is able to Host the Settings of the Point Generation.
I have Test it in a private Game recently and using my own Settings in this Case. However i didn't have Test it with other Players so I dont know what Happens If each Player is using different Settings of the Point Generation. I think FAF will host the different Settings for each Player individually or each one will play with the Same Settings, which have been Set by the Host.


I agree I think Air Transports are a much better Solution for this.
instead of using the regular Air Transports from the Game. I will Design a new Type of Air Transport which is able to Transport Naval Units for the UEF and Cybrans. Or I will use the Drone for the UEF, which I have already create and use for the Drop Container. But instead of coming with an Drop Container for Land Reinforcements the Drone will appear with Naval Unit. However the Air Transport should be able to drop the Naval Units directly into the Water only. I think this needs to be programmed for Sure.

Will there be a video tutorial or showcase coming out soon?
This looks super cool!

The Mod hast been already released. You can find it in the FAF Modvault. It comes with an Helpcenter where you can find several Tutorial Videos Ingame.
Just click on the Help Button and it will Open the Helpcenter.

If you want to Check Out the Video Tutorials outside of the Game/Mod as an Demonstration. You can find them here on Moddb:

The first new Model of an UEF Fortress is soon finished
I will post an Update of the finished Model soon.
So stay tuned for it. 😉
A second Fortress with a Land Factory ability will follow soon.

Model Preview:

As you can see this Fortress is coming with a new set of Turrets, which i have created for new Naval units as well.
However some of these Turrets don't appear on this Fortress, so you will see some more soon.

The Design of the Central Structure is Based on an WW2 German Flak Tower.

The upcoming Fortresses and Outposts where orginal planned to appear in my FBP Defense Mod.
However since the Commander Survival Kit has been released last week.
I think the appearence of the Outposts and Fortresses in this SIM Mod are a good choice for it.
So i have decide to integrate them into the Commander Survival Kit next to of some other Concepts.

Hello everyone,

the Commander Survival Kit has get an new Patch.
Version 12 is now online on the FAF Modvault




Quality of Life (Performance):

Helpcenter (Tutorial Movies):
If the Player closes the Helpcenter each Tutorial Video will be now stopped automatically.
In the previous Version:
The Player has to stop the Tutorial Movie manually with the stop button, before he close the Helpcenter.
This is no longer necessary and prevents the game to get an decrease of its FPS Rate in the Background.


Reinforcment Layer Buttons:
The initial Layout of the Reinforcement Layer Buttons has been reworked.
Each Button is larger, has get an label and is better clickable now.

Air & Space Reinforcement Managers:
The Window Titles of the two Managers are now separated from each other and correctly named.


Reinforcment Layer Buttons:
Add the Naval Button as the fourth Layer Button (Preparation for the next Major Version 2.0)
Add new Button Tooltips for the Naval and Space Layer Buttons.

All Reinforcement Managers:
The Prices for all Units are now visible on each Manager now.
With this the Player has an better overview of the Prices of all Reinforcement Units.

Known Issues:


If you find something let me know.

Stay tuned for more Updates.

Best regards

A few new Models (Previews)
This Time the Aeon:

Aeon Experimental Bomber:
Needs a Name. 😉


Aeon Tech 2 Bomber:
Replaces the Torpedo Bomber, which appears as callable Air Strike
Medium Carpet Bomber in Detail.
Will be buildable from an Tech 2 Air Factory as well.
Needs a Name as well. 😉