Proper Way to Rework an EXISTING MAP?

Is there an easy way to take an older map like Gap of Rohan or Dual Gap and rework it, add enhancements, then upload it?......It either keeps saying Im not the orignal author OR it post some error that the Scrip Scenario Lua needs to include map= whatever the map name is that I have named im a bit confused on the correct process as I dont want to rebuild the entire map just to add a few enhancements and tweaks to upload and play..

You can't do that without the original author's permission. If the original author can't be contacted, then contact the FAF creative team.

yes I understand this....but what about common FAF maps like Dual Gap and Gap of Rohan.....there are like 30 different versions of these maps all by different authors.....I cant pick an original version of that map and make edits to it like they did??

Because they got permission from the people I just said or were grandfathered in.

ok fair enough, there an easy way for me to shrink my entire map size by 50% without having to rebuild it all over again with the smaller dimmension settings? I want to keep my exact map the same design by just shrink it from a 40x40 to a 20x20. Is there an easy way to accomplish this?....thnx

There is, you can export your maps (I'm talking height-map, stratum-maps, etc.), and then re-scale them using external software (gimp, PS, etc.). More detailed instructions on that over yonder on and

P.S.: 'Gap' maps are usually somewhat frowned-upon, and as you've already noticed, there are a bunch of clones already out there. If you wish to work on maps, there's an actual tournament held for creating real maps with some nice rewards for the winners: There is plenty of time until the tournament is closed, so you have enough time for you to "git gud".

Method 1: With Blessings

Does NOT apply to GPG original maps

  • Contact original author and obtain permission to rework a map, or find a map with an open license (e.g. Survivial Genesis, Adaptive Alpine Valley)
  • Download the latest version of the map
  • Rename the folders, filenames, and file name references within the files to a new, unique name
  • Open with editor of choice, and make changes you desire
  • Upload and enjoy

Method 2: Without Blessings

NOT ethically sound

  • Download the latest version of a map
  • Open two map editors simultaneously on the same screen
  • Load the map you want to remix on one instance of the editor, and make a new map on the other
  • Make a map from scratch, using the existing map as reference
  • This will get you in trouble if you cannot reasonably prove you made a map from scratch and didn't directly copy any existing features