Searching for a way to lengthen ingame reconnection time after disconnect

Hi there,
I am playing with friends only and we have the issue, that if someone looses the connection (like when the ISP disconnects or the dog eats the modem) the reconnection timer will eject that player automatically after 3 minutes.
Salvaging the modem from the dogs entrails (or just a simple ISP reconnect) within that timeframe often fails. Is there a way to lengthen the reconnection allowance? With a mod maybe? Or is there a config file, where I can tweak some parameters for that?

In the game lobby there is only the reconnection timer option for standard, quick or tournament (which even makes the disassembly of the dog more stressful and fails even more often. poor dog.)

but for real. is there a way? 😄

There’s a lobby setting to adjust the disconnect time.

Oh, you mentioned it. Didn’t realize it only makes it faster than the default time.