Screenshot of the week

@lilSidlil wow first time I've been able to see you screenshot could never see them in the old forum 🙂

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

These are epic. nice work.


This is from game #12433931, a ladder match on Loki. The yellow glow is from an ACU explosion. Just ignore that the ACU is casting a shadow in front of itself while two blinding lights are also coming from in front of the ACU (a mazer beam and a nuclear explosion). When does FAF get ray-tracing? Is that after Team Matchmaker?



From game #12464054

@arma473 You don't need raytracing for that, you need support for multiple light sources.
Both will be coming when you write a new engine for supcom 😉

This week's screenshot challenge: "teamwork"

As long as it is a screenshot at this time, it should be a winner.



From a game on DualGap. Replay-id: 12876556

Congratulations Kenosis on winning this weeks challenge, despite fierce competition. This weeks challenge is "imminent destruction”.

And here ends the failed experiment of screenshot challenges

I enjoy your posts; thanks for keeping them coming.