Reclaim Only Attack Move

A new command that gives units the normally attack move with a weapon, to attack move with reclaim like an engineer.

Relevant for ACU, Harbs, and Mantis. The latter two generally not having their BP used at all, and the ACU limited in use case after the early game.

Use case would be somewhat limited, but useful where engineers are not immediately available. Raiding, after large defensive actions, or where the player under built engineers.

Why?: Raises skill floor by requiring less micro by using an aspect that already exists. Provides diversity in unit use case.

Mantis has no ability to reclaim

TIL. Shows how much I use mantis for their BP lol.

Why do they not? Seems thematic in the raid bot formula.

Because a t1 bot that can reclaim autodenies any and all contested reclaim in the game and makes Cybran an autowin faction in anything smaller than a 4v4.

Absolutely a fair point, but if their reclaim speed is super low then there exists an opportunity cost. Likewise a player with a small proportion of engies in a mix, or better yet dropping engies can do something very similar.

Regardless of that matter it still applies to the other two units.

Just have your Harbingers on Patrol. They will automatically attack and reclaim everything coming near to them