7945HX scores 74 in the FAF CPU test

Title says it all, I was looking around before purchasing a Ryzen 7000 to see the sort of gain I would have over the previous gen.

Know I know this is almost pointless as the 5800H I had in my old laptop was scoring about 112 in the CPU test and this never showed a slow down playing, but thought I would share for those that care.

The monster that is the 7945HX gets 74 so far.

i have a 7900x thats running default settings, my faf cpu score is 73

@derpfaf I would hope the desktop chips do better with all the extra wattage they can have 🙂 but good to have reference in the forums.

I have seen a 73 and a 72 in all my testing, but only once for each.

They boost to almost the same frequency, and as the load is single threaded very short time, the laptop power & thermal constraint doesn't play that big of a role in the test.