Linux Dual JVM enviroment?

Apparently, I have another program that requires zulu-11-amd64, ( java-11-openjdk-amd64) to run instead of java-17-openjdk-amd64. I discovered this when I tried to launch the program today. I had to re-install java 11 to get it to launch. (note: I suspect that this program would work with java 17 but it is not setup to use it). Therefore, my question is there a way I set FAF to run with java 17 and the other program to run with java 11?

So usually the JDK is backward compatible and it must be a super special app if only run in zulu rather than openjdk. anyway.

Usually Java apps somehow rely on the JAVA_HOME variable to be set, so they find the java executable.
Depending on what your "default" installation is, you could set a different JAVA_HOME explicitly before start.

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yes... I will see about making a script to set the Java_Home variable. Thanks!

Update 003: I just test played FAF for about an hour using zulu-11 in the co-op... but with just me against the AI. I did not notice any issues. That is FAF seemed to work fine now using zulu-11.... either that or FAF is still using java 17 with my system set to use zulu-11 as default.

The game itself doesn’t use Java. Only the FAF launcher (client).