Hotkey to lower selection prioritization of selected units

There's already the selection deprioritizer mod, which prioritizes navy over land over air, and some other small tweaks when box selecting, but I wonder if it's possible to create a hotkey that lowers/increases selection priority for your selected units, albeit as a mod.

This would be great for when you want to park a flak, mobile shield, or whatever unit somewhere, but you accidently keep including it in box selection of other units and moving it away from where you want it to be

afaik the "unit lock" feature from ui party can do something similar already. Having a standalone mod would be better though, Ui-party is causing some issues lately and is quite a big mod

There are plans to include these type of interactions in the base game.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Like amygdala said the unit lock feature was made to solve this issue but also it looks like ui party is not working 100% any more.