Experiencing a technical problem with queueing for tmm

When I queue for tmm and then decide I want to unqueue so I can watch a replay/join a global game, it says I am still queued even when I'm not. I have to refaf every time which isn't too bad but was wondering if anyone else had this problem and knows a fix.

Does it happen with the alpha client as well?


Just want to add I do experience the same issue.
Didn't pay attention to whether that always happens or only sometimes. But certainly it is happening since recently.

Don't have the alpha client, but may want to change to it as there are further annoying issues with the current version (notifications...)
Ist there a timeline for when the client update is "officially" released?
Is it worth changing to the alpha now?
And would someone have a link for where to get it?
(I admit I have not searched for it as the question just came to mind while typing this)

I don't use the alpha client. Believe it is every time but I'll make sure to pay more attention to confirm that @jusbeginning

Afaik the "still queued" issue and the notification thing are bugs of the current client which are already fixed in the alpha version. here is the link. https://github.com/FAForever/downlords-faf-client/releases
In case u gonna use the alpha client, I suggest to also pick the tester role in discord and report any issues with the alpha version - Client testers are always needed and feedback helps the devs alot to catch bugs in the next official client.
@ArkAngel_ @jusbeginning

I will do that and also the tester.
Love to contribute; however actually I hope I won't have to report any issues 🙂

@jusbeginning said in Experiencing a technical problem with queueing for tmm:

Love to contribute; however actually I hope I won't have to report any issues

Yea its a nice and easy way to contribute and play around with new features. I suggest to switch to Trace logging in your client settings (first section, bottom entry) and make yourself familar where the logs are stored. Those are usually needed if you spot something worthy to report back.

issue I had was Norton interfering with FAF alpha blocking something so it wouldn't launch.
resolved (by getting rid of Norton)
thanks @Amygdala who was there to comfort a tech noob 🙂