3718 ongoing development thread


Have no fear speed is here!

this thread is meant to give you an overview of what is going on regarding the next game development/bugfix patch.

I will tag all Pull Requests for this patch with the 3718 milestones so you can easily filter and find them here.
The following changes are currently merged into the deploy/fafdevelop branch and thus available for public testing via the FAF client by playing the FAF Develop game mode:


  • Azraeel
  • Divran
  • Jip
  • KionX
  • Sheikah45
  • speed2

This post will be updated whenever new changes are merged and thus available for testing in the FAF Develop game patch.
If anyone is interested in testing PRs that are not yet merged then you can do so by following this guide.


These are neat but what about the balance changes?


Balance patches are not part of game patches.


Btw. those code refactors and cleanups got me 5% sim speed increase on out ASF mayhem perf test map. It's gonna be less in a real life where there's less pew pew. But still better than before.


5% is not bad


0.1% is not bad


The only thing that needs fixed is #3202 so we can actually see the player's eco in replays and casts again. Can't even tell me to do it myself since it is only a matter of undoing the stuff broken by the last patch!

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