How do you feel about recent Navy changes?

I'm the one who proposed the navy changes and i'm not happy with how it ended up. The range changes i quite like since it makes t1 navy more interesting but the mass cost changes are very bland and boring. I'd rather keep the cybran frig stronger and give the other factions something in return to counteract it, or do something that keeps it strong in certain situations but weaker in other (like the range changes).

Aeon kinda wrecks cybran in navy on every level now. The destroyer changes were actually pretty good imo. It's less of an auto loss with cybran detroyers vs aeon destroyers but the t1 stage is hard with cybran and aeon t3+t4 battleships are just really strong imo. Cybran frigates being nerfed is fine, they were of course op. You also can't use t2 subs against aeon because of aeon destoyers and frigate torp defence.

Remove radar from Cyb frigates and make moles amphibious.

Edit: And I guess boost mole radar when in water from 45 to 80? Yadda yadda radar waves work better in water or something.