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@herzer99 i dunno pick you flavour.... 15 hp vs 5 mass and 0.2 speed... Id much rather have the hp...

from best lab to worst lab 😞

I guess the compensation is that strikers get big indirect buff now

I think the hp on a lab do not really matter

@herzer99 its an extra shot from a striker... thats a pretty big difference from 4 shots down to 3 shots

comparable to the uef t1 arty being buffed by 5 hp... on paper thats nothing.. but thats an extra shot from a acu

also the aeon mech takes 2 shots from an acu to kill now... that's a massive difference
and almost double the hp of a mech for a mere 12 mass extra...

the mech sucks ass vs the aeon LAB now

I was talking about the mech having by far the best micro potential

Its cost us getting decreased and his speed increased that results into the mech marine beeing stronger in the way i like to use it

These changes look neat. Uef has better raiding optioms and Aeon has a lab tank combo. Also finally a mantis nerf.

Some math:
DPS * HP/mass - approximation of unit strength per mass 1 vs 1
DPS * HP/mass^2 - approximation of unit strength equal mass N vs K (for big N and K) (not includes firing range)

Flare old -> new
43 -> 74
1.23 -> 1.76

49 -> 47
1.4 -> 1.55

39 -> 54
1.11 -> 1.54

140 -> 130
2.7 -> 2.32

striker and thaam (for compare)
129 and 130
2.29 and 2.4

The Flare will clearly beat other labs now but it is also the slowest and most expensive lab, so it should be balanced.

Mech marine doges acu shots xD

Mech marines are based. Its like a mini peewee.

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