How come you don't play ladder?

It's no fun. I prefer to have other people to play around and piss off enemies by influencing "other" lanes instead of mine.

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long waiting times to get an opponent
inability to watch replay while searching ladder
Both of these combined means that i can't make ladder streams unless i play some other game while wait for ladder.

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@thewheelie He could be your opponent!

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way more stressful and attention demanding, micro heavy in beginning with all the manual reclaiming and raiding/reacting to, and having to memorize and flawlessly execute build orders for all the maps or lose before it even started

teamgames provide stability for game to get played to its fuller potential unless you are a pro that can do all of this solo while having fun doing it, it kind of seems you need to have "minimum mastery over the game" to be able to enjoy 1v1, and it seems pretty high

or maybe I'm just bad at the game, that's more likely it

My current experience is I'm a 800~900 rated on the global ladder(600+ games) and around 500-600 on 4v4 TMM(<20 games).

Personal de-motivators for playing matchmaker (4v4 is my go-to) is:

  • relatively long queue times (biggest factor)
  • while the 'expanding map pool per rank' idea is great, I think the maps chosen for lower-ranks aren't great
  • the ambiguity of it being a "ranked" or "casual" lobby is in a sense off putting (I see it as ranked, and am personally a casual player, so another negative for me)

What I see might be an issue for other, in particular new players:

  • in general, the matchmaker in-client looks very bad UI/UX-side (lack of flow/direction)
  • presence of the rating system (that is, it being visible) might be even more off putting to those who are straight-casuals, and aren't looking for strict gameplay
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For me, it is because I hate little maps that are too intense since minute 1.
I prefer bigger maps, don't want to be rushed in min 3 and lost my hydro and basically the game

4v4 tmm is faster than lobbysim, has decent mirror balance, and nice variety of maps to suit different players. All my FAF friends play tmm rather than making lobbies now and its pretty fun.

I dont play much 1v1 because its kinda intimidating, i feel the early game is quite BO dependant and sweaty and i'm just not very good at that.
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I don't play 2v2 at all because I got really overrated when it came out and played a bunch of matches in a row where it was me and 3 other top tourney players in the same game, whoever got me on their team just lost brutally and i felt real bad for them.

no point playing somethin i know i am not good at or ever will be.
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  • BO-whoring on smaller maps (fuck the "reeee you should be able to improvise one!11!"-cunts, no you fucking cunts having 4 tanks way earlier on those small maps make a fucking difference)
  • Queue-times
  • Map pool sucks most of the time (More MapGen. Thanks.)
  • Teamgames are honestly just more fun for me

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I was going to say I just don't enjoy 1v1s in general. I just prefer team games more. But Rezy & Sladow make a really good point about BO whoring. I don't know and don't feel like learning the optimal BOs for all the 1v1 maps. If there was a map-gen only 1v1 queue, I would probably actually play it.

Almost never able to get a game and when I do the odds are too high that it’s a 5x5 map or 10x10 that plays like a 5x5.

Need mapgen ladder week more often.

5x5 maps are vile. Nobody likes them except for a tiny insignificant minority. 99% of 5x5 map games only use a fraction of what the entire game has to offer. It's like asking your friend for a game of chess, but before you start the game, you take every single piece off the board except for the kings, 2 pawns each, and maybe a single knight each. Then you reduce the size of the board to just 12 squares and attempt to have a fun strategic, and interesting game.

Any dude here saying they would lose a game on ditch “due to bo” would also lose a map gen 150k reclaim/drop heavy map to the same dude tbh

@ftxcommando said in How come you don't play ladder?:

Any dude here saying they would lose a game on ditch “due to bo” would also lose a map gen 150k reclaim/drop heavy map to the same dude tbh

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Yeah I’m sure Yudi outmacros u just cuz his bo is better

Harzer slaps me on any 5x5 but (without sounding too arrogant hopefully) I'm pretty sure I have very good chances when fighting him on 20x20 with a shit ton of reclaim

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