Random crash after about 1 hour of play

Hi everybody

My setup
AMD 5900x
4x8GB DDR4 3600mhz C16
ASUS B550 Strix Gaming Wi-Fi II
Sapphire Toxic AIO RX 6900 XT
1TB SSD M.2 Seagate firecuda 520
Kolink 1200W Continuum

I made the audio configurations as requested, namely:

  • setting in Stereo
  • Removed "Client.pref" and "game.pref"
  • Disable all other audio outputs
  • quit the programs related to the "Logitech Hub" headset

Then only I restarted "FAF" and tested during a game.

I have PBO enabled on a 5900x. I haven't tried without yet. Could it come from there? My cooling is largely sufficient never more than 60°C.
I have already completely reinstalled "FA" via steam and "FAF" by also deleting the "Client.pref" and "game.pref". Nothing always changes this crash after an hour.
I have the logs but I don't know how to interpret them.

I haven't tried leaving yet with all audio turned off so "no sound".

To be honest, I don't know what to do anymore. Reinstall Windows 11 Pro x64? I have a doubt that this will succeed

The last log

2.jpg 1.jpg My setup

The good news: you don't have any XACT errors, so there's nothing wrong with your audio setup!

The bad news: no easy solution!

Might be related to the mods your are using, possibly nomads? Can you try a game with only base FAF?

Give us more info on what games/mods you are playing with!

Ran out of memory probably.

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