Loop of link steam account

I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I've linked my steam account, but every time I load the client, I click the button for log in with browser, it directs me to link to Steam. Which if I do again, I get this message...

So I must be doing something wrong, but I cannot figure out what.

Call me an idiot if it's obvious what I'm doing wrong, but please ELI5,

Maybe you accidentally made two accounts and are trying to log in with FAF with your second account, meanwhile your Steam account is already linked to your first FAF account. I recommend double checking the spelling of the account names and deleting and retyping it manually before you try to log in.

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@x_streamist you are posting on the forums as x_streamist which I assume is the account you are trying to link. The error says the account is linked to Gossimmer. So that means you already linked your steam to an old account named Gossimmer.

Therefore if you log in with Gossimmer everything will be good. If you forgot the password you can reset it using steam on the website.

Yep, 2 accounts. I'm an idiot. This is me 🙂