Some good news about Team Matchmaking (TMM)

Will map sizes be chosen at random or will there be more weight for a specific map sizes?

If I put more 20x20s in a pool, you're statistically more likely to get 20x20s as every map has equal weight.

@FtXCommando 10x10s are superior, 5x5s are good too, please fewer 20x20s (but 20x20s that play like 10x10s are fine)

@FunkOff Are 30x30s possible?

@FtXCommando Ok. I will get to work on that then.

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

Not directly. You can make 40x40 map and set the playable area to 30x30. This will accomplish the same effect.

@KaletheQuick Sheikah made a sim mod called Structure Share: you inherit a dead teammate's structures and engineers, but attacking units die. If this is what you're looking for, you can find it in the Mod Vault

@FunkOff Hmm, not too bad. Still loading all that data into memory and Vram, but still probably less slow than a 40x40.

@phong Not exactly, but it sounds like it would use a lot of the same hooks and functions.

I like full share, but I just feel like the enemy team should be 'hurt' a little more by losing a commander. And incentivize a little away from suicide com strats.

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

That mod was made as a first step to just let people play around with it. If there is interest it can save some units as a percentage of mass cost as well. Just some effort would need to be added to make sure it was predictable and doesnt come across as random as that would be bad since it would make it harder for skill to be a factor

Something to consider is that mobile units can die to ACU death nuke, but structures cannot. Therefore, in a structure-only share condition, structures (mex uprades and pgens) are a safer investment than mobile units: Mobile units can die to enemy or ally death nukes and will not transfer upon death. However structures of all kinds will not die in death nukes and will transfer upon death. Therefore, the structure-only full share incentivizes turtling.

I think instead of changing how share works, why not just make ACU death nukes do equal damage to units and structures with the mod, but defining the right damage number will be tricky to not incentivize comm bombing as a strategy.

Give players a prompt to pay a "small" mass fee equal to 20% of the mass worth of the remaining units and buildings of the deceased to receive their remaining assets. Prompt stays up for half a minute during which the units and buildings in question are transferred to a neutral civilian faction and receive diplomatic immunity and are protected by the Geneva Convention. Reclaim and capture attempts result in immediate termination of the Commander rank and excommunication from the game. Upon accepting the fee you start paying out the mass at a consistent rate reaching the finish after 2 minutes. Excessive money will accelerate the process but failure to collect the funds by 2 minutes time will start piling up the extra % on the fee to pay exponentially. Failure to end the payment after 10 minutes results in declaration of bankruptcy and immediate confiscation of the Commander unit. The first on the team to claim the base will be responsible for the payment but naturally they can seek assistance via various non-destructive means such as "Farmsletje, I need mass." and "This 1300 doesn't need his t1 pgens anymore anyway".

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Idea that would be probably too complicated to implement:

On death, units (including engineers) are instantly transferred to ally. This incentivizes using your ACU in risky combat and investing in units. Direct resource buildings (mex, pgen, para) are transfered as well.

All other buildings become neutral and must be recaptured (somewhat easy because of transferred engies). Since the neutral base does not have resources, its shield and radar turn off. In addition, PD turns of until recaptured by any player (otherwise they would suddenly start shooting former allies. Alternative: PD just gets killed).

Basically killing a player would open up their entire base to easy damage (because no shields) until the allies of the dead player manage to recapture the structures, but eco ist not lost. At the same time enemy players can steal the base by capturing themselves, creating an additional strategic option. The player that received stuff will have a slight buildpower bottleneck he neads to deal with unless he was stalling a lot before.
And this means that killing a defending/turtling player is more rewarding than killing a spamming or pure ECOing player.

Imo the goal should be to hurt player deaths in lategame more than in early game, and should hurt people that are build power bottlenecked more than people who are eco bottlenecked.

If you look at highest-level 2v2s hosted by Nexus, it is rare to sacrifice an ACU. They try to keep their ACUs alive. And those players are competent at running 2+ bases. Lower-level players tend to be unable to do that.

Losing an ACU is a much bigger penalty to people global-rated 1300 and below, than it is to people rated 1700+. When low-rated players sacrifice their ACUs, in general they won't help their team, unless they take an enemy player with them.

The idea that full share causes more problems than it fixes, I think, is a false one. I haven't seen it.

Let's just launch TMM with full share and see what happens. If there is an epidemic of games ruined by full share, we can revisit that. Let's not try to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

Or just not have fullshare...

edit to actually be constructive and provide argument

IMO having fullshare promotes more turtle/eco style gameplay. You can eco harder and if you lose your ACU, your partner still inherits all your eco. Most of the time your deathnuke kills the enemy army, your team comes out ahead. Granted, then 1 person has to do twice the work, but having 2x eco does have tremendous advantages.

No fullshare doesn't always mean a death sentence, as reclaiming and rebuilding teammates base is still strong. And to those who say "but you are at a huge disadvantage, and its harder to win", well, your teammate just got killed. That's kind of the point of the game, not to lose ACU. There should be consequences.

That, and always having an opportunity to mount a comeback via a desperate ACU snipe is one of the best parts of this game. Its practically non-existent if sniping ACU just means their teammate auto-inherits wealth.

acu snipes are the worst feature of faf

arma473 said in Some good news about Team Matchmaking (TMM):

They try to keep their ACUs alive.

That's the point of the game? Why are you telling us this?

Ok, but whatever happens on april fools day set it to the 'traitors' option and tell no one.

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

@biass said in Some good news about Team Matchmaking (TMM):

That's the point of the game? Why are you telling us this?

At least one person is talking about "suicide comm strats" as being strong/valid in full share games. I was responding to that concern. I don't think those strategies are overpowered.

What I don't understand is why FAF players are always creaming themselves at the fact this is a high macro based game where your decisions are deciding the game situation but then get mad when you take away the option to win a game you lost 9 minutes ago by dumping infinite mass into some random snipe option. Maybe you guys should be sniping mass/e/bp and harming the enemy team by attacking their resources rather than just doing the chess equivalent of picking up all your pieces, melting them into a ball, and attempting to throw it at the enemy king piece from 20 feet away.

The problem is that if you want competitive teamgames you are assuming that they will be played with some degree of coordination between players that are at a bare minimum familiar with one another and the map and possibly in voice to coordinate further. In teamgames, as you increase the size of the game, this puts more and more of an imbalance between the individual defending and the team attacking. Take for example a Field of Isis 2v2. It's one of the safest share until death games you could possible play in a 2v2 and yet it will still lead to supremely cancer games. Why?

Here are your options if you're a hypothetical high level player with a lower level teammate that randomly matched together:

  1. Ignore mass in mid on your side as you are fearful of a dual snipe all in early on between a guy that could be going pure spam and a guy going pure jesters. Now you lose because you are 4k mass behind.
  2. Go mid and possibly die to this snipe attempt. If it's a share until death game, not only does this lower rated player now need to expand into your base quickly and efficiently to recover but he now needs to manage the game entirely on his own. Regardless of full share or share until death, you're likely to lose. But at least full share puts more of a disincentive on the all-in attempt.
  3. If you got lucky and got a lower rated dude that can respond to the cheese that you as the high rated player properly predicted, then congratulations, you do not lose. Instead the enemy automatically loses because they went all in and are now promptly fucked.

This dichotomy becomes more and more pronounced as map size increases. A sentons with share until death is just going to be t2 bomber rush meta the whole time with most games ending in whoever is able to crush mid player faster and swarm the map with t1 cancer spam. In a full share game, this is but one of many viable strategies depending on team layout (sometimes your air player is way worse so you need to end the game before it's t3 air stage).

I want experiences like sentons to be the typical experience on the matchmaker. I want maps where people can coordinate with one another in some fashion and have a variety of meta options based on the slot layout for their own team as well as the slot layout for the enemy team. I also want people responding to game situations as they come. Does share until death work in 10x10 5v5s where you are all right together and can easily recover from an acu loss because no one is making units or really expressing much map control in the first place? Sure. Can you do it on a 20x20? No.

REGARDLESS of all of that rant, I'm still interested in testing out various forms of full share and am working with Sheikah to see what may and may not work. I imagine as player count increases, it may be better to have things like say all structures/engies are transferred with 50% of units transferred with the 50% being decided by total mass of unit count and then going t4 > t3 > t2 >T1 until you reach that 50% value. Values can of course be adjusted but it may be the best compromise to result in a decent teamgame experience.

FtX makes a good point. The most I play with full share, the more it seems like a better way to play. The meta simply needs time to develop with full share on to really get people out of the share-until-death mindset.