Missing Game Types

Played one game after upgrading to the latest version and the next time I opened FAF the game types were no longer all there. Xtreme Wars that I was trying to play was no longer an option, only have the three FAF options and Nomad. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the FAF client and SCFA. Then I reinstalled the old version of the FAF client and upgraded back to the latest version, still do not have all the Game Types. Anyone have any other ideas?


You can find Xtreme Wars in the vault, just like Phantom and King of the Hill

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I assume the 'vault' is the MODS library?
The only thing I see is 'Extreme Wars' not 'Xtreme Wars'. Has the game type been moved to this MOD?
Thank you.

The game type xtremewars was actually pretty outdated and the one on the vault has been maintained by Uveso to stay up to date with current FAF changes.

You can find their work and the most recent versions here https://forum.faforever.com/topic/364/updated-mods-for-faf-and-vanilla-steam

Excellent. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

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