AI descriptions


Where can I find some description (detailed ones) about all the FAF's AI and the differences between them?

...and how AI Sorian Adaptive is choosing different types of AI before the game? Only based on the type of the map or also sth else?

@lightstorm It's a bit outdated but you can refer to the AI FAQ channel in discord:

The AI tournament thread also gives stats on the AI, which covers how much of a load they put on the CPU, the types of units that they tend to build, and how challenging each AI is relative to each other, which will give more detail (and is more recent):

There's also the mod description, and some of the AI have a brief description on the website:

As for Sorian Adaptive, my understanding is it selects a type of AI based on the map at the start of the game, but I've not confirmed (just going off what someone else commented on it). I'd recommend the base Adaptive AI over sorian adaptive though, as the base one is being actively developed and in AI vs AI matchups performed marginally better (even before some of the upcoming changes which I think are likely to hit the end of this month with the FAF develop patch).

These are great questions. Perhaps the official FAF Wiki ( should have a page dedicated to explaining the different AIs, the different ways to play against AIs (survival, co-op, unmodded skirmishes, etc.), a description of the different AIs you can play against in skirmish mode, and advice about how to set up a skirmish mode game (which AIs to choose, some basic map suggestions, and advice about settings to use like AIx multipliers)

And maybe there should be a short video tutorial walking people through the process of setting up a simple "vs AI" lobby. So you can see the host move the mouse around and say what he is doing to get it set up. And then maybe show a little gameplay.

That sounds like a good idea. If someone wants to write up some wiki-quality info on the AI's, I could add it to the wiki (with a new page if approporiate).

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Is there a working list of AI's since last FAF update ? A bunch of AI's no longer work for me and i would like to figure out if something broke localy for me or the update broke AI's ? Already tried reinstalling the said AI's. Uveso and Swarm for instance no longer work for me, Dillidali, M27 and M28 always work, RNG didnt work when i tried it after patch but yesterday i tried again and it now works again list of all the custom AIs

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I believe Uveso updated his AI today, Swarm is currently waiting on the developer to update.