Seton's Clutch is as disgusting as Dual Gap

Same story: you diverge a bit from what is considered to be the best (read "only") way to play your position, you get angry teammates flooding chat and spamming markers.

Well, actually, due to the map's terrain, it's worse.

I am starting to like random maps.

Let's call it the Dota syndrome, caused by playing the same map for too long and the map having distinct position roles.

Thank you for your opinion, your point of view is very important to us, we will definitely write it down and change the world according to your criteria!


Everyone plays strategy games to feel bigbrain and make fun of other dumb brainless shooter games, but they have to eradicate all strategy and thought from the game by playing the same maps with fixed roles over and over, because they aren't actually bigbrain.

Git gud at playing non-meta.

The only problem with Seton’s Clutch is that it is too often the only alternative to all the Astro/Dual Gap lobbies. Sure TMM has a decent map pool but I rarely play TMM because you can’t vet the ping for all players before the match starts. There’s still too many disconnects and laggy games for it to replace custom lobbies for me.

Setons Clutch even though it has the perception of being “solved” actually has a good diversity of different strategies. Beach can steal Rock’s island. And more recently Beach commander tends to walk to mid to help secure reclaim, but there is a trade off because that slows your eco scaling against the enemy navy etc.

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

seton's clutch is nothing like dual gap, that is like comparing dual gap itself to thermopyle with air, arty and nukes off, and I hate gap

sentons can have orders of magnitude more different strategies and situations happen than any gap could ever hope to reach, the "forced" ones are more akin to build orders than established "position roles", as long as you know what you are doing and don't lose to your opponent and leave your team to deal with the ensuing mess from your opponent while you were off doing your own thing, your team doesn't mind what you are doing, if they do, it is their problem, not the map's, and once again it is not even remotely comparable with dual gap or any of those kinds of maps

lol there are so many ways I play Seton's differently without getting flamed. Well, outside of one guy who likes to flame me if I don't carry him but I digress. You can play super aggressive, afk eco, go pure drops, go pure t2 air cancer, com drop, make proxies, do silly things like go all 4 players in one navy (actually had that work once...), etc. All of these examples have different sub variations and all of them work from any spot. I've seen air player go full t2 drops and end the game by minute 11. I've seen the front player t3 com drop enemy air by min 8 with some team play. All kinds of things.

the solution is 8v8 setons.

This man has clearly not matched many setons if he thinks we only play a certain way

Ras Boi's save lives.