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Could you please fix recalling from battle. Recall has to be accepted only when ALL team members accept that. I have just played and saw a lot of chances to win, however our team decided to just recall. It is not fair to me. I wanted to play further. Fix it please! Or then no rate penalty for those who vetoed recall.

@gabitii I mean the whole point is that almost everyone except 1-2 people (depending if it’s a 4-8 team) can surrender. It’s not fun being held hostage on a game you think it’s lost. I’m sorry you had a bad experience because of this but we prioritize majority over minority’s satisfaction.

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I sympathise with gabitii as I've also wanted to continue games when my team mates didn't but I accept that forcing them to play on when they have lost the will to do so would likely only mean that they try less hard going forward so a loss is only even more likely than before. No system is perfect of course but all things considered the current one is probably the best available.

We're looking into making it a lobby option, where the host can enable / disable recalling as he / she sees fits. It would be disabled by default. That way lobbies where it matters (2K+) can have it enabled, but lobbies where it does not matter that much can have it disabled. People can then just stay / leave as they see fit.

How does that sound?

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Keep it enabled in tmm or base ctrl+k comes back

Yeah, definitely keep it for the TMM

@femboy People in general give up too easy on this game. Giving them an easy way out just further encourages this behavior.

Legit people will get stratted once and just give up because they lost 2 hives and pgen.

@gabitii If I want to recall because the game is lost, and there's one guy who refuses the vote, do you think I'd stay in the game?

I recall because I think it's a nice clean way to end the game politely. If I genuinely think the game is lost and the recall doesn't get passed because one guy doesn't see it while the rest of the team does, what do you think my next move will be? Hint, it's control-K and leave.

It's not fair to me. I do not want to play further.

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@indexlibrorum If you ctrl k in full share it's ok, but if it is not full share then just give all your units to the one who wants to play, is it a problem? Or if you think that if you can not win it than no one can?

@gabitii Units given to other players in share until death get destroyed when the original player leaves the game.

"Design is an iterative process. The required number of iterations is one more than the number you have currently done. This is true at any point in time."

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@indexlibrorum yes the do not ctrl k, just give all your units to the teammate and let him play. Hide your ACU in water and give all units. What's the problem?

@gabitii I'm not going to stay in a game that I consider lost. Asking someone to do that is unreasonable. I'll go play the next game, instead.

"Design is an iterative process. The required number of iterations is one more than the number you have currently done. This is true at any point in time."

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I hate staying in "lost" games too but FAF is an incredible animal. Yesterday I was in a TMM and everyone on our team dies except BRNK . I watched the game for a few mins after I died and then left because it was only a matter of time. He was 1v4 and the enemy was in his base. He was basically playing survival and had no chance of winning. 20 mins later he messages one of the guys in our party and says he won the game. Couldn't fathom how he could have won that but the replay shows it clear...he never gave up. So yeah moral of the story is keep it for TMM and also FAF is a game where the impossible can happen.

The impossible can happen, but often it does not, and many people would rather just start a new game than stick around for that small chance.

I think making it a lobby setting is a great idea... folks who don't like it can play without it and vice versa.

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So, here we go again, I was playing seton's clutch and dude just was sitting afk and spammed "recall from battle" he tried to recall like 6 or 7 times in one game. So when he did it again, I was microing my units and therefore accidentally accepted it. So why do you even have this button in the game? My suggestion: delete it from full-share games as it makes no sense to recall! I want to play till the end and just give me your base and ctrl k your ACU. May be I do not wanna win but I want to challenge myself do hold as long as possible, whereas someone just wants me to give up? What is the sense of giving such an option? Or may be you change it by limiting number of recalling possibilites to 1, so that people just not sit afk and not spam this button? It is annoying, when someone is fighting that the dude is just spamming the button instead of leaving from the game or start fightning.

At the very least, I don't think the recall system should force live players who don't vote recall to lose and stop playing against their will. So, I suggest that recall is changed to only remove the players who voted for it when a recall vote succeeds. That way, those players are not forced to stay in the game and the remaining player(s) are not forced to quit.

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At this point we can just go back to ctrl+k meta. Which fixes nothing, the Q is still gonna get clogged up with 1v4 unwinnable games as rest of the players wastes their time either playing a pointless game or outright just sitting in the Q doin nothing.

@gabitii so you waste the time of every other player just so you can see how long you hold? That’s not fun for literally anyone else in that lobby and holds everyone hostage so they can’t get a fresh game. This is why people ctrl k entire bases to stop that.

@exselsior why am I the one who is forcing? Allies can easily ctrl k their acus and play next, and the opponents shall win easily that for example 1 v 4. Against your argument, people force me to quit when I dont want to. I am new to seton's and for now I barely have experience how to push till the end when your opponent has no base but tons of ras sacu's. Of course you and other pro players in seton know how can you push everything out, but if I am in this situation against you, I will most probably loose, because I have less experience and I will spend my mass in somthing that will not work, whereas you will spend all your mass right and win me. So this button gives me no choice of playing very long games where the opponent does not wanna give up. And yes, I think, that if someone joined lobby, he has to be ready to play till the end. Like in chess, be ready to play a game which can last like 6 hours, just because your opponent does not give up, respect their decision.