Do you use GOG? Tell me your username please

Hello everyone,

Im testing some changes on the gog linking for the new website but I don't have an account with Forged Alliance that's also public on gog. If you have an account with FA and could make it public and just drop down your username below, that would be fantastic for me to test, thanks!

I dont need anything other than your username, for you to own FA and your account to be completely public, thanks!

This is what I mean by public account

FAF Website Developer

@Javi you could have pinged me i brought the game so i could test when i finalised it working

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gog username: thtinker
email same as faf; I assume you can get that from profile if needed.
We'll see how the allow chat from everyone works out - I'll post here or pm (dunno how?) if I decide to revert that.

Your post seems clear and simple and I'm taking it literally. But I like to make up complications:

  1. Yes, I have a gog account and I made the settings public.
  2. Yes, I do own Supreme Commander "on" gog.
  3. But I have NOT attempted to link my gog account or scfa copy to faf. At present I'm using the Steam version for that.

(I never got sound working under Linux on the gog version of supcom1. Didn't install SCFA.)
(At some point I would like to get the gog version working with faf and be fully DRM-free.)

@gramps thanks! Rowey already told me his username on GOG but I still appreciate your help!

FAF Website Developer