LegendOfTheStars 2020 Qualifier Tournament #4


Steal banananas account


Im quite sick right now but could maybe play tomorrow... is it fine to forfeit rest of my games if i qualify?


If you forfeit then you get whatever group is left on the table after everyone else picks.


Signing up


Where is the problem with this Eternal?


i'll give it a shot if i'm allowed


@FemtoZetta No problem....


I'm unavailable for the first hour or so, so I'll step aside


fucking 2k noobs


The loki bo 1 was a shit idea


Legend of the Stars 2020 Qualifier Tournament #4
List of All Games Played
November 21, 2020

Initial Round (Best of 1 on Loki - FAF version)

Game 1 Blodir vs FunkOff - #13179514 (Sera vs UEF)
Game 2 Eternal vs Tex - #13179446 (Cybran vs Cybran)
Game 3 SilentNoob vs TURBO2 - #13179492 (Cybran vs UEF)
Game 4 Hybrid vs Yudi - #13179518 (UEF vs UEF)
Game 5 Paralon vs StormLantern - #13179462 (Sera vs Sera)
Game 6 Explosive vs WoundedElkNoob - #13179493 (UEF vs UEF)
Game 7 Harzer99 vs Morax - #13179540 (Sera vs UEF)
Game 8 Bennis vs Blast_Chilled - #13179474 (Sera vs Sera)

Round 2 (Winners Qualify for LoTS)

Series 9 - Blodir vs Tex
#13179884 on Saltrock Colony (Sera vs Sera)
#13180140 on Aalhaven (Cybran vs UEF)

Series 10 - TURBO2 vs Yudi
#13179901 on Setons Clutch - FAF version (Cybran vs Cybran)
#13180060 on The Drunken Beetles Dance (Cybran vs Sera)

Series 11 - Paralon vs WoundedElkNoob
#13179928 on Abhor (Sera vs UEF)
#13180103 on Chiron (Sera vs Cybran)

Series 12 - Blast_Chilled vs Morax
#13179991 on Chiron (Cybran vs Cybran)
#13180259 on Arcane (Sera vs Sera)

Round 3 (Semifinals)

Series 13 - Blodir vs TURBO2
(forfeit by Blodir)

Series 14 - Blast_Chilled vs Paralon
#13180456 on Loki - FAF version (UEF vs Cybran)
#13180920 on Chiron (Aeon vs Sera)

Bronze Match - Blast_Chilled vs Blodir
(forfeit by Blodir)

Finals - Paralon vs TURBO2
#13181301 on Saltrock Colony (Aeon vs Cybran)
#13181436 on Osiris (Cybran vs Sera)

Also: here is a search string that you can enter into the Java client to pull up all tournament games (copy it to your clipboard, then in the FAF client, check the box for: display search query, and then paste this into the query input field, and press enter to perform the search directly from the query input field).