RCVI - Venus Rising ~ 3v3 ~ $1,500

Sign me up. 🙂

I have the power of Memes and Nukes on my side. AAAAAAAAAH

Sign up me with the TheWheelie

Hey, sign me up plz ❤ (Zasport)

Sign me up

Sing us up with PhantomSamurai
4v4(2015x200) + 4v4(1795x200)

Hi Aranei and PhantomSamuri,
We are using the Jan 6th screenshot of ratings to determine the
Top 8 players and team formations.
On Jan 6 - Your ratings respectfully were: 4v4=1810 and 4v4=1710
Your recent ratings gains are not able to be factored into the
RC ratings that determine the 8 captains status's and teams.

I can sign you both up as individuals though.

Ratings only really matter for the seeding of the 8 captains, and
for the teammates of these Captains to form teams within the
pre-draft 4.1K rating cap.

See the Jan 6th screenshot here: (Post #5 - near top of this thread)



Team me up with Ctrl-K

Anyone need a proper bad zero 1 v 1 ladder rating player, who always gets kill within 5mins in team games . . . if so, please sign me up o/

BalanceSlave(2320) + InsidiousNoob(1806) signing up

The embodiment of depression...

Strydxr's rating is 1240 not 1030 btw 🙂


signing up with archsimkat

Why did you add the registration function together, it spoils the entire system created earlier

Sign me up

Maybe add captains? Many players want to play

Hi @Neytron
Not sure I understand what you mean by
"adding the registration functions together"?

Nothing has changed in the rules or sign up's.

Each rainbow cup has had a different structure to attract different players.
The first 2 RC's were 4v4 tournaments.
RC III and IV tournaments were - 12 teams of three with open ratings.
The last tournament was also 12 teams of three, but.. sub 1800s.

This tournament with only 8 teams of three. .
was meant to have the highest average rated teams to date.
(plus be shorter, time wise each day)

It's a gamble to host a tournament with too many teams and
not have it fill up properly,
which would make for unbalanced teams.


The First 2 RC's, were 4v4 tournaments and there were many slowdowns and desynchs.
This led to the tourny changing to 3v3 format.

The "Problem" with the 12 team format being held in 3 days..
is that there are long days required to complete the 3 matches on the opening weekend.
And many players complained (And, I totally agree) that it is hard to either:
Play 3 matches at competition level, and not get fatigued, or
to find the time across 24 time zones to allow for a '3 match a day' format.
The tourny would run very late in the East Europe time zones.