RCVI - Venus Rising ~ 3v3 ~ $1,500

Tournament starts in 30 minutes

Please join the FAF Client irc #rainbow to
gather before start and
to get any last minute instructions.

Good luck!

Day 1 is complete, and we are now down to 6 teams.

Thanks to Harzer99, Derp and Endrani for the great entertaining cast.

As always.. the first couple of games get off to slow start, due to rules.
But.. after 1 or 2 games,
and after everyone figures out the tournament specific rules,
the rest of game lobbies get set up quickly.

Tomorrow will be 1 match for the winners bracket and
2 matches for the losers bracket teams.

Start time will be the same as today's games, at 1500 UTC
Maps for tomorrow's games will be released 1 hour before tournament start,
at 1400 UTC

Here are the current Teams and the Bracket:
RCVI Reg Final2.png

Good Day Every One.

Daylight savings time was set this morning at 2 am.
(in some countries - we spring ahead an hour in spring time, and
fall back an hour in the fall)

Hope everyone has their clocks set right.

Double check your time zones and see you all soon in #rainbow irc room.
Will release todays maps at 1400 UTC and
Tournament will start at 1500 UTC

Great first 2 days of Tournament action.
We are now at the Semi Finals and Finals stage.
Congratulations to all who made it thru to next weekend, and
a big thanks to those who signed up to compete.
We had a big turnout on FAF/live Twitch and was very entertaining.
Big thanks to Harzer99, Derp, Endrani and SpikeyNoob for casting.

We are scheduled to start the Semi Finals Best of 3 on March 18th at 1400 UTC,
with the Finals to proceed upon completion of the Semi's.

Here are the current Tournament standings.RCVI BracketDay2.png

Notice for Team players who will be hosting games:

Please help out the Tournament Directors by -
doing two things in the game lobby.

1-"x" the "hide default options "box" in the lobby.
---This is Very Important, as it enables the TD's and players in the game,
---to check the proper AIx cheat and build multipliers for each game.
-----With-out an "x" in this box the pertinent game options will not show in lobby.

2:- Hit the "Default Settings" button, so all default settings will be reset,
and only the game specific options will apply -
---Share conditions = Full Share
---AIx Omni Setting = Off
---AIx Cheat and Build multipliers = Set to specified multipliers.

FYI--- Lord_Asmodeus (aka-NOC) will be joining some lobbies to help
with game scenario setup's.
Please give him your cooperation, so he is able to expedite the process,
help other team's game lobbies and then join his own teams lobby as well.

Thank you, and good luckLobby setup.png-

The Finals will be held at 1400 UTC tomorrow.
The Preliminary's went off pretty smoothly, although
there were 2 games with disconnects.. so
I would like to post these Tourny specific rules to
make the rules clear to all and not have any questions on
the time frames for rehosting.
Read below for tomorrows rules regarding Dis-connects and Desynch's.

Attention: Rule clarification on Dis-connects and Desynch's.

1-If a game has a disconnect, at or before 5 minutes*, the game will be rehosted.
--If a disconnect occurs at 5:01 or later the game will continue.
2-Each team is allowed to rehost - 1 time "only" due to a disconnect, on the current map/game.
3-If same team has a 2nd disconnect at any time, during the same game..
--the game will continue, after player/s is kicked.
--*5:00 minute rule will be firm.

If game has a Desynch, the game will be rehosted.


A new version of M27AI has been uploaded.

Please be sure to download the latest version(v70)

Tournament starts in 30 minutes:

Download new M27AI version 70 and

Maps 13-15 are now available to view.

Good Luck!

By now...
Everyone should know that this would not be a proper Rainbow Cup, unless
some mis-information and false intel was part of the tourny.

The False intel is that..
there are NO surprise maps for the Finals :)~
The finals maps will be chosen by the 2 finals teams,
from the previously played 15 maps, in the map pool.

This was done to prevent teams from sandboxing the
current maps, and crushing the AI.
After the first 2 days, I got feedback from a few teams, and
a couple of teams said the AI was too "tough" and
one team said the AI was too "easy"..
which means.. The AI is probably "just right".

Look over the maps, before choosing, as some maps have had a
different AI substituted, and some have had the factions changed.

Read the post below for the final map selection process.

Finals map selection process:

The current 15 maps that are in the map pool,
---will be vetoed down to 6 maps.
Map #8 - Exp Ad War Zone has been TD vetoed.

Follow this procedure to determine the 6 Finals maps, and
---which team selects the First map to play:

1-Each team will simultaneously submit 4 maps they want vetoed to the TD.
---This will bring the map pool down to 6-10 maps.
2-Each team will then simultaneously submit 1 map at a time, if necessary, until..
---there are only 6 to 7 maps left.
3-If maps are vetoed down to 7 maps, then
---the captains will - "!roll".
---the winner will then, determine to..
---either: get the last veto, OR Pick the first map to play in Finals.
4-If maps are simultaneously vetoed down to 6 maps..
---the teams will !roll to see who picks the first map for the Finals.
5-Maps played afterwards - will be chosen alternately by teams.

When submitting maps to veto.. please submit the Map Name or #.
Here is the current map pool:

Each team submitted 4 different maps to veto, and
we are down to the 6 finals maps in just one round of veto's

Here are the 6 maps for the Finals:

Congrats to team "Clown Car" for winning the tournament, and
in style too - with the least number of games played in any RC to date.

Team "Clown Car" wins in 11 games!
RCIII winners in 14 games,
RCV winners in 17 games, and
RCIV winners in 18 games.

RCVI Standings2.jpg