RCVI - Venus Rising ~ 3v3 ~ $1,500

Post #7: Game Map/Scenario example

How the game maps are released:
Only the maps and the games they will be played in,
will be disclosed before the start of the tournament.

One hour before each tournament day starts -
that days map's setup details will be updated here.

AI positions will be shown, with their factions pre-selected.
Closed spawn sites are shown, and
any remaining spawns Not closed, are open for players.

Reset All options to default each game, and
set only the 3 tourny specific options in green outline box.

AI Cheat and Build multipliers will be from:
a low of 1.0 (AI) to a high of 1.3x (AIx)
and will be displayed in pink outline box and in the Cheat/Build column.2-Sample 4way.jpg
This map has 6 "open" spawns for each team to choose to start from.
See Post #2: Directions section above to see how to setup positions.

Post #8: Map Pool

Day 1 : Sat, Mar 11, 2023 - (2 Bo3 matches or 4-6 games)
Day 2: Sun, Mar 12, 2023 - (1-2 Bo3 matches or 2-6 games)
Day 3 : Sat, Mar 18, 2023 - (1 Bo3 and/or 1 Bo7 or 3-9 games)

Map Pool:
RCVI Maps.png
Rainbow Cup VI Maps:
Round 1
Matches 1-4 > Game 1
Map #1 = Adaptive Tournament Decision

01 Ad Tourn Decision.jpg .
Round 1
Matches 1-4 > Game 2
Map #2 = Adaptive Bridge Too Far

02 Ad Bridge TooFar.jpg .
Round 1
Matches 1-4 > Game 3
Map #3 = Adaptive Ivy Valleys SE16

03 Ad Ivy Valley.jpg =====

Round 2 + Losers Round 1
Matches 5-8 > Game 1
Map #4 = Big Bang Dry

04 BigBangDry.jpg .
Round 2 + Losers Round 1
Matches 5-8 > Game 2
Map #5 = Yovery

05 Yovery.jpg .
Round 2 + Losers Round 1
Matches 5-8 > Game 3
Map #6 = Adaptive Folsom Flooded

06 Ad FolsumFlooded.jpg =====
Round 3 and Losers Round 2
Matches 9,10 + 12 > Game 1
Map #7 = Adaptive Algun

07 Ad Algun.jpg .
Round 3 and Losers Round 2
Matches 9,10 + 12 > Game 2
Map #8 = Exp Adaptive War Zone

08 Exp Ad War Zone.jpg .
Round 3 and Losers Round 2
Matches 9,10 + 12 > Game 3
Map #9 = Plateau of Arracis

09 Plateau of Arracis.jpg =====
Losers Round 3
Match 11 > Game 1
Map #10 = River Of Harmony

10 River of Harmony.jpg .
Losers Round 3
Match 11 > Game 2
Map #11 = Citadel

11 Citadel.jpg .
Losers Round 3
Match #11 > Game 3
Map #12 = Adaptive Dual Italy

12 Ad Dual Italy.jpg =====
Semi Finals
Match 13 > Game 1
Map #13 =Mass Attak GUN

13 Mass Attak GUN.jpg .
Semi Finals
Match 13 > Game 2
Map #14 =Adaptive Waters of Random Noobs

14 Ad Wtrs Rnd Nbs.jpg .
Semi Finals
Match 13 > Game 3
Map #15 =Adaptive Skadi

15 Ad Skadi.jpg =====
Match 14 > Games 1-6
Maps will be released here 1 hour before start time.

Post #9: Acknowledgements

Special Thanks to our AI development team.

Our Participating AI Mod developers

Sprouto, Jip, Balthazar, Chp2001,
Azraeelian Angel, !Marlo, Dragun101 + Raevn

Thanks to our promotions team
Rowey, Javi and CaptainKlutz

Thanks to Fichom for designing the avatar
RCVI Avatar.png

Thanks mapmakers
For creating some special maps.

Thanks to our FAF Live castors who entertain us,
give our players some prime air time, and
showcase the AI developers great mods.

Thanks to the rest of our wonderful community,
including our player councilor, admins, moderators,
tournament directors, client server techs,
and the many others that make FAF so much fun.

And last but not least..
Thank You to Everyone who signed up.

Post #10: Prize Pool Pay Outs

Pay outs will be done thru Pay Pal.
Sponsor will pay up to the standard ~$6.00 transfer fee.
or up to 1 international transfer fee,
Any fee's above $6.00 or 1 international fee,
will be subtracted from the pay out prize.

If prize monies are unable to be paid out due to local/regional restrictions,
monies can be held by sponsor until a later time or
transferred to and "held" in the FAF Treasury.
Other options may also be available.

Post #11: Past Rainbow Cup Tournaments

RCI - 4v4 - $300
Held May 2018
1st place = $150 - Heaven, Exotic Retard, Jagged Appliance + Feather
2nd place = $100 - Inspektor_Goose, Blnchlk, Bravo + Wifi
3rd place = $50 - F-Odin, Blast_chilled, Dro + System Failure
Bonus game = $50 - AchievedJaguar8, Snowbound, Hushnoob + Obiwankenoobi

RCII - 4v4 - Alliances - $400
Held July 2018
1st Place = $220 - AchievedJaguar8, Picoo, Tagada + Blast Chilled
2nd Place = $120 - ZLO, BlinChiK, Bravo_ + Magnotok
3rd Place = $60 - blark, blurk, blyrk + blirk

RCIII - 3v3 v AI - Civilians - $1,200
Held Feb 2021
1st Place = $660 - WoundedElkNoob, archsimkat + LimeZ3
2nd Place = $360 - Nexus, Bloodoath/Picoo + Protect
3rd Place = $180 - Blodir, KoisKix + Wesh

RCIV - 3v3 v AI - SpaceNet - $1,200
Held Feb/Mar 2022
1st Place = $660 - Yudi, FtXCommando + Exselsior
2nd Place = $360 - YellowNoob, Grimplex + InspektorKot
3rd Place = $180 - Tagada, Hybrid + Ctrl-K

RCV - 3v3 v AI - AI Masters <1,800 - $1,200
Held Sept 24,25 +Oct 1, 2022
1st Place = $660 - Salnik, Nikerochek + Abandoned
2nd Place = $360 - Aranei, Crypteck + Upas
3rd Place = $180 - GingerBreadMan, Skrat + Hyp3r2001

RCVI - 3v3 v AI - Venus Rising - $1,500
Set for Mar 11,12 +18, 2023
1st Place = $780 - TheWheelie, FtXCommando + Nuggets
2nd Place = $480 - WafflelzNoob, ZLO + Flowey
3rd Place = $240 - Tagada, NOC- + GingerbreadMan

Post #12: Rainbow Cup Series Tournaments

The Rainbow Cup series of tournaments -
do not necessarily endorse, represent, or have any
affiliations with any groups, outside FAF.

The Rainbow Cup Tournaments are -
fun, team color, free for all action with AI.

Registration is now open.

To calculate a players RC tournament rating:
We use the players highest leaderboard rating (200 game minimum)
Jan 6th screenshot is used, with a 1 yr history database.
Global rating has 50 points subtracted from rating.

If highest rating is of a game type with - less than 200 games played...
We will proportional blend the players next highest ratings to obtain a RC rating.

Sign up below
TD will assign ratings ~ No math required πŸ˜‰

Let's go!!! Gotta fix ISP problem first and I'm in!

β€œBe a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”
β€” Steve Jobs.
My UI Mods
Support me

I'm interested

Going to use a combination of team sign-ups and drafting.
With a 2 player team max rating of 4.1 K for pre draft registration.
Players rated above 2.2 K will be capped at 2.2k for the 4.1K team sign up cap.
Remainder of team players are drafted.

I have come up with a new
Team formation and Draft process,
for this tournament.

It allows Captains to register as a Single, or
with a playing partner as a 2 player team
this method gives Captains a "trade option"
in round 1 of the draft (see below)

Players may register as a Single, or
as a 2 player team - with a 4.1K combined RC rating cap.
(Captains of these teams who are rated >2.2K have their
rating capped at 2.2K, - allowing the registering of
any player RC rated 1900 and less)

The top 8 rated players, registered as either
a Single, or as a 2 player team captain, are
made Tournament Captains

Round 1 of draft:
Draft starts with the 8th seeded Captain and
continues sequentially up thru ALL 8 Captains.

When it is a Single Captains turn to draft he may:
choose ANY player in the draft pool,
whether or Not the combined team total rating is >4.1K.

When it is a 2 player Team Captain's draft turn,
he has TWO options:
1: He may "Pass" and Keep his pre-draft registered partner, or
2: He may "Trade" his Pre-Draft registered partner and
----------"Draft" - ANY player in the draft pool,
thus sending his Pre-Draft registered partner to the draft pool.

Round 2 of draft:
8th seed Captain drafts Any player in the draft pool.
Continue draft process up to #1 seed Captain.


So what we basically have is:
A 2 round draft, with the
Captains option to register pre-draft with
any one mutually agreeable team player,
within a 4.1K rating cap.
Still allows Captain's an Option to trade their pre-draft picks.

Any pre-draft player who was "traded" out - in Round 1 of the draft, is
immediately placed into the draft pool, and
has the rest of Round 1 and all of Round 2 to get drafted, and
possibly.. even by his original team πŸ™‚

I believe this method works very well, and
is "fairer" to the top seeded Captains in both -
weaker and stronger fields of players.
With a weaker field -
Captains will get to register pre-draft , and
"lock in" - one player of his choice.
With a stronger field -
Captains may have an option to trade out his pre-draft pick, and
draft a player that would of been above the pre-draft registration cap.

@Fearghal you could talk to @Javi about creating one of the longer dedicated posts for this that would be on the website πŸ™‚

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

Thanks Rowey.


I'd like to give it a try.

New Team Entrants!

Team "Venus" is entering the tournament as AI team #4
Venus is sending their 2 top commanders -
Commanders 'Deep Pink' and 'Shocking Pink' are
reporting for their first RC appearance.

Team "Spacenet" is AI team #3.
Spacenet has regrouped since their last defeat and
are now stronger than before.

Players may now find themselves in 4-way FFA Brawls-
With Team #2, Spacenet and Venus!RCVI TeamColor2.jpg

The 2 main reasons for adding another AI team:

1-Unbalanced AI behavior's and builds from some AI's, when...
---AI's spawn on opposite sides of the map and assigned to same team.

2-FAF Live casters suggested adding a 4th AI during the last 2 RC casts :)~

i would like to sign up a team consisting of me Sulfur1 and Flying_Olsen

sign up

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"