Rainbow Cup VI ~ 3v3 ~ $1,500


Let's go!!! Gotta fix ISP problem first and I'm in!

My github repo with UI Mods


I'm interested




Going to use a combination of team sign-ups and drafting.
With a team max combined rating of 4.1 K cap.
Players rated above 2.2 K will be capped at 2.2k for team sign up.
Remainder of team players are drafted.




@Fearghal you could talk to @Javi about creating one of the longer dedicated posts for this that would be on the website 🙂

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock


I have come up with a new
Team formation and Draft process,
for this tournament.

It allows Captains to register as a Single, or
with a playing partner as a 2 player team
this method gives Captains a "trade option"
in round 1 of the draft (see below)

Players may register as a Single, or
as a 2 player team - with a 4.1K combined RC rating cap.
(Captains of these teams who are rated >2.2K have their
rating capped at 2.2K, - allowing the registering of
any player RC rated 1900 and less)

The top 8 rated players, registered as either
a Single or with a teammate
are made Team Captains

Round 1 of draft:
Draft starts with the 8th seeded Captain and
continues sequentially up thru ALL 8 Captains.

When it is a Single Captains turn to draft he may:
choose ANY player in the draft pool,
whether or Not the combined team total rating is >4.1K.

When it is a 2 player Team Captain's draft turn,
he has TWO options:
1: He may "Pass" and Keep his pre-draft registered partner, or
2: He may "Trade" his Pre-Draft registered partner and
----------"Draft" - ANY player in the draft pool,
thus sending his Pre-Draft registered partner to the draft pool.

Round 2 of draft:
8th seed Captain drafts Any player in the draft pool.
Continue draft process up to #1 seed Captain.

So what we basically have here is:
A 2 round draft, with the
Captains option to register pre-draft with
any one mutually agreeable team player,
within a 4.1K rating cap.
Still allows Captain's an Option to trade their pre-draft picks.

Any pre-draft player who was "traded" out - in Round 1 of the draft, is
immediately placed into the draft pool, and
has the rest of Round 1 and all of Round 2 to get drafted, and
possibly by his original team 🙂

I believe this method works very well, and
is "fairer" to the top seeded Captains in both -
Weaker and Stronger fields of players.
With a weaker field -
Captains will get to register pre-draft , and
"lock in" - one player of his choice.
With a stronger field -
Captains may have an option to trade out his pre-draft pick, and
draft a player that would of been above the pre-draft registration cap.


Here is how the Game day maps will be released:

Lobby is similar to last 3 RC's, but with the addition of
an AIx Cheat and Build factor column added in the game lobby.

In this sample game.. there are 2 different AI's.
RNG AIx is set at 1.1x for both Cheat and Build.
M27 AI is set with the Non cheat AI = 1.0
2-Sample 4way.jpg This map has 6 open spawns for each team to choose from. (Which 3 spawns would you choose?)
See Post #2: Directions - above to see how each team selects their starting positions.


I'd like to give it a try.


New Team Entrants!

Team "Venus" is entering the tournament as AI team #4
Venus is sending their 2 top commanders -
Commanders 'Deep Pink' and 'Shocking Pink' are
reporting for their first RC appearance.

Team "Spacenet" is AI team #3.
Spacenet has regrouped since their last defeat and
are now stronger than before.

Players may now find themselves in 4-way FFA Brawls-
With Team #2, Spacenet and Venus!RCVI TeamColor2.jpg

The 2 main reasons for adding another AI team:

1-Unbalanced AI behavior's and builds from some AI's, when
---AI's spawn on opposite sides of the map and assigned to same team.

2-Farms suggested adding a 4th AI in the last 2 RC casts :)~


i would like to sign up a team consisting of me Sulfur1 and Flying_Olsen


sign up


Sign me up

I am Babushka_lover

Rating about 1450


Sign me up Crypteck tmm 1500 r


sign me up


sign me up I team with Uutuus, I am PandorasFox


Thanks for requesting entry as a team.

But, I am sorry to inform you that..
Only the top 8 RC rated players to enter the tourny, are
able to enter with a pre-draft registered partner.

This tournament is expected to have more experienced players.

Hopefully we will see you for RCVII


sign me up 1700 global 1400 ladder 1400 tmm


I hope there will be some check up that a particular registered player is still alive/did not forget about the cup (like me) before the draft starts. I mean, it's a month of waiting for me, 2 months for some people.