How do I mute markers?

Dead people won't stop putting obvious markers on my face.

By reporting them. At the moment there is no way to mute markers, we're looking into it though. The only question we have for ourselves is where do you put that interface to mute pings and / or markers of people?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@jip In the chat settings. It should mute chat, markers, and all pings for that person. Ideally.

P.S. Also, I think the mods are dead anyway. It takes them months to react.

They're not dead - there are too many reports to process 🙂 It isn't exactly the most enticing task

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@melanol said in How do I mute markers?:

I think the mods are dead

They are not, and they are processing reports frequently.

It is unrealistic, that all incoming every daily reports get dealt with, but the Moderators are very aware of who has violated the rules just once in the heat of the battle, and who are the repeated offenders, ergo the most toxic elements.

You should report violations, so we know who those most toxic elements are. Not reporting such negative encounters will not benefit the FAF community.

does muting someone not stop the pings from them as well? muting does exist as option in chat window but is rather unintuitive to get to

@melanol perhaps you'd make a good addition to the team and reduce the waiting time 😊

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