Friend can't receive registration emails

A friend of mine wanted to start playing FAF after I showed it to him, and so he signed up for an account with the email usual Yahoo account. After a few minutes he didn't receive a registration email, and he was having some trouble figuring out what was going on so I tried testing registering myself with my other email account (AOL) and Yahoo and ended up with the same problem. He is not able to register because none of the emails are making it through to any of our accounts.

When I helped someone to set up a FAF account recently, I had to submit the request 3 different times before it went through to a gmail account.

Between the two of us we tried five different email addresses without receiving a single registration email. 😞

Please be patient until there is a fix for the email stuff, I know it is very annoying. There was an announcement via Discord


edit: emails work again

Ah thank you. I haven't played FAF for years, just got into it again a couple weeks ago. Glad to see the community is still going strong.

My friend received his activation email this afternoon. Thanks for the replies! I'll sign up for the Discord too. 🙂