What separates good players from great players

1.8k in teamgames is just sitting there and having decent eco without dying

being better than that is recognizing when good macro isn’t enough to win the game and you need to actually have an impact on game state.

So in other words, 1.8k is reached by making better players on your team able to ignore you as a concern in the game state (playing smart), 1.8k+ is reached by impacting the game state positively (actually taking productive risks).

There literally never is a specific point or set of specific mistakes that hold someone back from reaching a given rating threshold. Thinking about games this way is holding you back. The actual answer is: The sum of what you do (and generally also basically any individual thing) at x rating is some % worse than what you do at x+300 rating. While playing, every second that passes during a game with a huge rating discrepancy, the lower rateds player win chance decreases. The only way for an upset is a huge mistake that cant be rectified quickly enough by the permanent being-better-at-everything advantage.

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@tagada said in What separates good players from great players:

Near perfect eco-management for the first 5-10 minutes with proper scaling, using all of your mass and not wasting any/very little power


tagada describing a 3k

Just saying what I saw in Sid's replays

The more you use transports, the higher your rating gets. Whether it's for expanding faster, getting units to the front faster, or crushing with arty drops.

Delete the game is the best option.


Constant small improvements. Watch replays and casts, if you think you have nothing to learn then you are planning to fail

Easiest way to sum it is efficiency overall.

Use resources for best returns, have better awareness what to do when and what fights to take, scale & balance your eco better, micro units better etc. The higher the overall efficiency of everything you do, the bigger your advantage, the more options you have and leeway for potential mistakes that could otherwise be game-ending.



The embodiment of depression...



The embodiment of depression...

Micro labs is the fastest way


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