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The UEF ACU example is a situation where UEF would in turn see a slew of buffs compared to other factions, because their ACU upgrades are in the worst situation of all the factions.

Cybran ACU exists. I'd happily trade an upgrade set with 3 useless upgrades over one with zero survivability, clashing core upgrades, zero usefulness in late T2/T3 phase and the strong lategame stuff putting the cardboard ACU in harm's way.

Nah, you wouldn’t. Cybran getting UEF treatment would put laser on chest, make cloak cause the units in an engie’s build range around your ACU to go invisible while keeping your ACU visible, and then ruin torp launcher by turning it into as expensive as a salem but only doing torp defense.

But, you would get to combine t2 and gun so that’s sick.

I'd happily give up all of these in exchange for a com that isn't relegated back to base by late T2 land. I'm not saying that all UEF ACU upgrades are good, just that calling UEF ACU the worst just because some of them suck is plain stupid.

I wrote a giant response to the points but I figured it doesn’t really matter since the points are tertiary. I never argued UEF has the weakest ACU. It’s obvious Cybran does. I argued that UEF has the most useless upgrades, which it does. I can very easily give replays and utility explanations for every upgrade that isn’t:
UEF teleport, drones, bubble shield, or Aeon teleport.

Far as I see it, it comes down to this:

  • You can disagree with the premise that the upgrades are useless
  • You can argue to simply remove these noobtrap upgrades which provide no utility and only present false choices
  • You can argue about reforms that make them worth building but not oppressive

You mistake me arguing for these upgrades to be adjusted as finding UEF inferior as an ACU. I just want false choices removed from the game, I don’t care if that necessitates buffing other stuff as externalities.

Common sub 1k rated takes:

  • Cybran has the best destro
  • Percy is the best t3 land unit
  • UEF is the defensive faction
  • Aeon sucks at t2 land stage
  • Aeon sucks at t1 land stage
  • UEF has the best t3 navy
  • Seraphim has the best t2 land stage
  • t2 air can’t do anything

How are dudes with these opinions going to result in gauging the best faction? Faction popularity is a mixture of perceived strength, sample history in preference, actual strength, aesthetic value, and so on.

Never heard any of them tell that Cybran has the best destro, everybody told that Aeon had the best destro. Pretending, that people are stupid and dont learn, based on your own inventions is very low and does not add anything to the discussion.

If people pick random faction or faction randomly, then it does not change which faction is more used in statistics. It only makes differences in game numbers smaller.

There can be multiple reasons to pick a faction, as already said, but for my knowledge by far biggest is the faction strenght, glad to see that you now suddenly recognise that the actual strenght of the faction is also considered in lower rated group, when picking a faction. Meaning that it can carry even more in direction of best faction.

I hear it all the time in the training channel, so cool the ego bud

Also had to explain it several times on Twitch when me and Farm talk about balance

Low rated players pick what is best based on their competency and perceived play. This is not the game taken to its limit. Literally every intro guide to FAF out there explains to new players to avoid Aeon because their tanks require a bit more effort to manage in game. Meanwhile, Aeon is the strongest faction in general utility in last patch’s meta. They’re still probably the strongest until chrono and gc get adjusted.

how could you say drones on acu are useless without even a niche application?

This post is deleted!

I can say it insanely easily. A drone requires as much mass as a t1 transport with the e cost of an int while keeping your ACU idle (typically during the start of the game) and instantly dying to any stray int which in turn results in a rebuild making you pay double the cost of a transport and the e cost of a transport.

There is 1 situation for a drone to be good. A mapper making a horrible map with mexes on plateaus or crevices that are too tiny to drop unless you click on a precise spot. But those maps get actively pruned by matchmaker standards and I don’t think anyone disagrees with that being a good thing.

There is zero reason to make the first drone other than it being funny, but even if you want to talk about being too lazy to drop 2 loose mexes as it being a viable tool, the 2nd drone serves zero function in aiding that purpose.

If somebody int rushed you when you made drone, it’s quite literally a lose condition.

drone flies fast and clicks rocks, especially on mapgen. Also it's so cheap you can get it in 10 sec reasonably early. If your transport gets intie rushed and you lose the payload it's bad too

I am not your bud, I think I have already told that before. If you have psychological problems, seek help, or do soething with your life, or whatever works for you. Dont get me into this.

Not motivated to check out how many people have communicated on training channel, and how many out of them have said, that Cybran destros are the strongest. I dont think there is a need for that.

So the Aeon is the strongest 🙂 🙂 🙂

Transport gameplay has:

  1. risk mitigation by dropping earlier
  2. risk mitigation with microing the transport to avoid the ints
  3. Potential to at least win air off of the 500hp that needs to be chewed through to kill your transport

A drone carries zero of those while essentially carrying the full cost of a transport.

A drone is also not fast, it is much slower than a transport which is what it will always be compared to.

It takes 40 seconds for an unassisted ACU to make a drone, for it to be 10 seconds you need to add 6 engies idling in base assisting your ACU. That’s ridiculous and you would have been better off dropping those 6 engies to do something productive instead.

This thread has served its purpose and has gone off topic. If you have feedback on the balance patch that went live yesterday, you may do so here.

UEF Drone upgrade was not in this balance patch. If you wish to discuss it, we just had a thread made about it, or make your own.