Help me with useful sources

I, the developer of a new client, give each member of our community the opportunity to contribute to the development of the client.

I provide full access to the source data of useful links that will be used in the client, you have the ability to add, delete, edit and save anything you want. My client is not an official, so your actions are not subject to the fa rules of conduct, but still, I would like you not to abuse this access.

In case of damage to this source, the links will be downloaded directly from more secure resources, with fewer links (will be updated as possible)

Open source:
Secured source:

I would like to add, that source is not reloading on fly, so you must refresh the page in case it was updated by someone. If your changes was removed by someone, well, sorry, this is the best user-friendly tool i`ve found so far

You can use UI to edit on right side


We have some progress ❤


I thought it will be so easy to fill this source xDDDDDD Where is contributors xDD

I'd just grab most of the links in the new newshub

FAF Website Developer

U may ask Blodir for his replay vault stat site, it's usefull if u wanna see ladder situation without pc, or any other vault state