Put Rank Decay in the client plz


@eternal said in Put Rank Decay in the client plz:

@nex this league system is useless with this amount of players in matchmaking, the rating system is still better because it has history and player base

You could also use the league system for global.
You could even just give everyone a league based on their current rating and start from there (to make use of the history)
The host might need to see rating tho, as they are relevant to balancing teams. Or you just balance around leagues in customs and maybe get some unbalanced games. (maybe they still feel balanced because of how people expect others to perform, who knows🤷)

@ftxcommando said in Put Rank Decay in the client plz:

The leagues already do decay.

I wasn't implying they currently don't. Just making sure everyone is on the same page.